Positive Peer Relationships



Our Policy

Schools throughout Australia and worldwide are increasingly recognising the need to address bullying, resilience, social skills and self-esteem. At the SSHS we have implemented a Positive Peer Relationship Policy. 


This program is based on surveys of students, staff and parents/caregivers from our school community and on the research on effective anti-bullying policies from both Edith Cowan University and the University of Western Sydney. 


The aim of the program is to help schools and parents/caregivers prevent bullying. This has included a review of our school bullying policy, introduction of activities to prevent or reduce bullying, strategies to help students cope with bullying and the development of social skills and resiliency.


Our Goals

Some of the goals that we are working towards include:

  • Providing all students with opportunities to develop and practise getting along with other students through classroom learning activities
  • Creating a more positive social environment within our school which actively discourages bullying
  • Modification of the school grounds and supervision during recess and lunch times to discourage bullying 
  • Continuing to encourage all staff, students and parents/caregivers to treat all school community members with respect and tolerance
  • Implementing a clearer and more consistent approach to managing reported bullying incidents
  • Providing parents/caregivers with resources and strategies to help them communicate more effectively with their children about bullying 
  • We provide information to parents/caregivers via splash each fortnight, and through electronic and physical mail out.


We encourage you to look at our Positive Peer Relationship Policy and discuss it with your child; as we will be working with students during Education Week in July and August, and over Terms 3 and 4.


Positive Peer Relationship Policy (pdf 384 KB) 

Positive Peer Relationship Policy


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