Enrichment Stream

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Enrichment Stream at South Sydney High School

The Enrichment Stream specifically caters for students who are highly motivated and keen to learn. They are often described as 'all-rounders'.


The Enrichment class is selected by the school after all applications are reviewed by a selection panel. The placement is based on a range of evidence, including academic reports, as well as evidence of participation in extracurricular activities.


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Students working in the computer room.


Stage 4 Enrichment - Action Research Project

Collaborative Project-Based Learning in Years 7 and 8: Our Stage 4 Enrichment Stream classes embark on an exciting journey each year in collaborative project-based learning.


We draw upon the work of some highly respected figures in the field of gifted education as we shape the challenges these students are offered:

  • the researchers Maker and Nielsen (1995) for example advocate the need to differentiate content, process and product in learning challenges tailored to suit the individual needs of high aptitude learners
  • Lannie Kavensky's (1996) work on 'Student Learning Preferences' draws on their research and findings. Kavensky's 'Possibilities for Learning' (PFL) survey represent the first stage of our approach to this cross-curricular strand of learning for our Year 7 and 8 students. These students access this survey and engage with the subsequent steps that the project involves via 'Google Classroom'.


Kavensky's 110 question survey is designed to reveal to students themselves, as well as to their teachers, how they learn best and what it is they enjoy learning. By collating the results of this survey their teachers discover how students in these classes feel about their learning.


By planning learning experiences around each student's favourite forms of differentiation we endeavour to honour the student's voice and use the surveys as an instrument to group students for the purposes of working on their projects.


The PFL survey uncovers preferences that can be used to guide the development of personalized learning experiences. With this information, choice, control, intrinsic motivation and passions can be inspired.


Students also learn about themselves in the process of assessing their learning preferences.


Teachers from all faculties work with the stage 4 enrichment stream classes, lending their expertise and helping to guide the integrated cross-curricular projects undertaken by students.


The final results and products achieved through the work undertaken by students is presented at a showcase of their projects to parents, teachers and our school community.