Enrichment Stream


The Enrichment Stream at South Sydney High School

The Enrichment Stream specifically caters for students who are highly motivated and keen to learn.


They are often described as "all-rounders". The Enrichment class is selected by the school after all applications are reviewed by a selection panel. Placement is based on a range of evidence, including academic reports, as well as evidence of participation in extracurricular activities.


At South Sydney High School we believe that all students should have access to opportunities that reflect their skills and interests.


Our Enrichment Program aims to provide learning experiences and opportunities that engage and challenge these capable students and help them to reach their full potential.


Enrichment makes something more meaningful, substantial or rewarding.


What Does This Look Like in Class?

Enrichment Program students might move through curriculum content faster, engage in higher order thinking tasks, have more opportunities for group work, problem solving activities, self directed learning and research activities.


Students are also offered, and are actively involved, in a number of great opportunities that enrich their learning. Some examples include the I-Manifest project, Debating, Beacon and Opportunity Program activities with local business partners, NSW Crystal Growing Competition, Formula 1 Car design activity and many more.  


What are the Characteristics of a Typical Enrichment Class?

Characteristics may include, but are not limited to, a class that consists of students who:

  • are highly motivated and keen to learn

  • enjoy learning

  • enjoy coming to school (punctual and positive attendance record)

  • listen and follow instructions

  • are inquisitive