Creative and Performing Arts Faculty

CAPA is an active and enthusiastic faculty which includes the subjects of:

  • Visual Arts
  • Photographic and Digital Media
  • Drama
  • Music

The consistently high results in these subjects are achieved through the engaging and constantly revised programs delivered by the experienced and dedicated staff in this faculty.


The CAPA faculty at SSHS creates opportunities to make meaningful and relevant links to learning by enabling students to perform and display their works in a variety of settings within the school and wider community.


SSHS provides the following specialist facilities for students studying CAPA subjects:

  • Drama performance space
  • Photography darkroom
  • Art Studios (with technology access)
  • Music rooms
  • Keyboard Lab
  • A computer pod (fitted with high level graphic capabilities)
  • Kilns
  • Several outdoor learning areas


Visual Arts

This faculty provides learning opportunities designed to encourage students to understand the visual arts; including the different kinds of creative works they and others make.


In Visual Arts students are encouraged to work in a variety of media and technologies, and are given opportunities to visit art galleries and exhibitions.



Photography and Digital Media

Printing, interactive and moving forms are extremely relevant (and of fundamental interest) to our students.


Much of their knowledge of the world, and their notions of cultural and self-identity, come from the photographic and digital images that permeate the visual arts and design, television, film, video, internet, mass media and multimedia.




Drama provides a particularly valuable means of increasing self confidence and social awareness. Students are involved physically, as well as emotionally and intellectually. Students learn through doing.


Drama is, moreover, a cooperative process through which students develop their ability to share and communicate.




In Music we believe that ‘Music is for Life' and our programs are all about developing the skills for our students to display that creativity beyond their schooling years.


Contemporary music experiences are a part of the music class with the use of technologies to enhance creative experiences.