Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Department

Our department not only boasts a large subject range, but it also has held a strong commitment to achieving outstanding results for all their students; with high Band 5's and Band 6's gained every year.


The staff behind all these subjects are not only specialised; with a passion to stay at the forefront of their subjects, but they are also a group of caring, focused and passionate teachers who instill lifelong goals into their students.


History and Geography

In junior subjects students develop knowledge and essential understandings about Australia's History and Geography, the people who live within its territory, and their social, cultural, economic and political lives.


They also begin to look at how Australia is developing in the context of the Asian and Pacific regions, as well as linking with the rest of the world.



This area of study allows students with a passion for law, government, politics, economics and business the opportunity to gain the basics in these areas. This equips them with a good foundation for the senior subjects of Legal Studies, Economics, and Business Studies.


Extension and elective subjects in both Years 9 and 10 History and Geography allow students who are talented in these subjects to extend their knowledge and skills further with specialised learning programs that are student orientated towards what they are passionate about.




VET Subjects

Our department also caters for students who are interested in gaining experience and certification in the VET subjects of Retail and Business Services.


Students have the opportunity to gain nationally recognised certification as well as being placed in workplaces and jobs they are interested in pursuing.


VET subjects are great for those students who want to experience the real world of work.



These are extremely popular with both students and staff. Every year a number of our subjects take students to places such as the Police and Justice Museum, Homebush Wetlands, IMAX, Sydney Wildlife World, NSW Courts, Hunter Valley, The Rocks, Pyrmont, the Jewish Museum, and Leichhardt.


Senior students are also taken to numerous lectures that are held in and throughout the city, which allows them to gain knowledge from specialised presenters who are focused on preparation for the HSC examinations.