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Languages Other Than English

The language of Spanish is undertaken as a subject by all Year 7 students, and is also offered as an elective to Year 11 and 12 students.


Spanish classes study the culture, grammar and syntaxes of the language. The compelling reasons for learning Spanish reside in the intellectual enrichment of the student; with a better understanding of the world, Australia's place in it and the many Hispanic communities within Australia.


What Research Tells Us

Contemporary research and practices has established a clear link between the learning of Spanish and improved literacy skills for both background speakers and second language learners. Even a limited experience of learning Spanish has shown increases in literacy awareness and enhanced general cognitive development.


The LOTE Faculty 

The LOTE Faculty has highly qualified and experienced teachers who bring commitment and enthusiasm to their teaching.


We provide a range of courses for our students. Our programs are focused on the language modes of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Courses Offered at SSHS

We offer the full range of Spanish courses, which includes Stage 6 Extension Spanish. We cater for student's individual needs in order for them to reach their full potential in the HSC.


We recommend, and give, great hope to students; to assure consistent learning in a positive learning environment.


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