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The PD/H/PE Program

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program aims to foster knowledge, skills and values that promote good health and encourage positive participation in recreation, sport and leisure activities.


It promotes lifelong participation in physical activity through the development of attitudes, skills and movement competence.


The program helps students learn about factors that promote and protect the physical, social and emotional health of individuals. They learn to identify harms associated with particular situations and behaviours, and how to make positive lifestyle choices.


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PD/H/PE Aims

The PD/H/PE courses aim to develop the following, and more, in students:


  • an understanding of their own body
  • an understanding that health has physical, mental, social and emotional dimensions
  • perceptions of being healthy
  • an understanding of the factors that impact directly and indirectly on the health and safety of individuals, families, groups and communities
  • an awareness of factors that maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • knowledge and skills to plan, implement and evaluate actions to promote health and safety
  • an understanding of the physical, social and emotional development across the human lifespan to promote their health and well-being
  • an understanding of how food provides nutrients for energy and growth, how it plays a significant social role in people's lives, and how to select food to promote health and growth
  • respect and care of themselves
  • respect and care of others
  • an understanding of how relationships develop and change
  • the knowledge and skills to promote effective relationships
  • positive interaction and communication with others
  • health decision-making skills
  • movement skills in all environments


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