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Last updated 4:10 PM on 28 March 2017

On Thursday the 24th March- 26 yr 10 girls were taken to investment company T.Rowe Price to participate in our annual Empowering Women Program.

Thanks to our friends at United Way we were able to connect with T.Rowe Price who funded this program by providing the venue- their boardroom, mentors, and lunch for our students. The day was fantastic as students workshopped important issues pertaining to women in the workplace. These issues included resilience, strategies for success, gender inequality and very interestingly emotional intelligence. 

Empowering Young Women WorkshopEmpowering Young Women Workshop

The students were very lucky to have some very impressive and successful female mentors participate and help them through the workshop. We came away far more fearless than we thought we would have! Thank you to Mrs Stell and Mrs Wilson for presenting and a very big thank you to both DB Schenker for presenting the session on emotional intelligence and of course United Way and T.Rowe Price. See more photos here

Empowering Young Women Workshop Empowering Young Women WorkshopEmpowering Young Women Workshop








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