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Last updated 4:00 PM on 16 October 2017

Noah and Harrison give their presentationA captivated audience

On the 13th and 14th of September, students, parents and staff members gathered in our staff common room to celebrate the project-based learning that our Stage 4 students have been engaged in. These projects offered students an opportunity to embrace the challenge of investigating a self-selected topic. Students then had to devise a driving question that would direct their research and the products they would eventually create. It was wonderful to hear students describe their learning journeys as they presented their discoveries to parents, friends and staff in the form of PowerPoint presentations, websites they had constructed, videos, interviews and findings from surveys.

Ms Matthews addresses the groupLiam M, Liam P and Jake give their presentation

Ms Matthews, our school principal, attended both presentations and spoke of the importance of facilitating opportunities to extend and enrich the learning of those in the enrichment stream. Challenges such as those offered by project-based investigations allow students to acquire skills, knowledge and to engage in deep learning about topics that ignite their passions and interest.

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