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Last updated 1:40 PM on 28 February 2014

The Souths Cares Graduation was held on Tuesday, 11th February. 

Ms Matthews and Ms Wilson had the privilege of accompanying our Year 12 students and year 11 students, currently participating in the program, on the Souths Cares Graduation Cruise.

Souths Cares Graduation CruiseSouths Cares Graduation guests

This was to celebrate the successful HSC and employment achievements of the students from the Indigenous School to Work Transition Program from 2011 – 2013.

We boarded the cruise at Circular Quay with our 8 current Year 12 students and one Year 11 student and were given a cultural commentary as well as interviewing Nathan Merritt and Beau Champion by Rhys Wesser.


The Graduation was held on Shark Island.

 Souths Cares studentsSouths Cares graduation cruise

Our 2011 Higher School Certificate Graduates were:

Nathan Fitzgerald

Cameron Jenkins

Blake Hayward



Maddison Musumeci

Ryan Ahearne

Taylah Jackson



Daniel Forbes


Each student received a Framed Certificate and a tablet.

It was fantastic to see some of our ex students. It was also very pleasing to see that they were all still in employment, training or at University.


Jenny Wilson

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