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Last updated 4:21 PM on 23 June 2016

The school has continued its association with I-Manifest to once again produce video content for the TED-X Sydney Festival.

This year I-Manifest brought together a team of song writers from ‘The Human Sound Project' and a film director, Renny Wijeyamohan from ‘Open Door Films' to work with the students to produce a music video.


Over a number of different sessions, the students were led through the creative process of planning and writing their own song, recording vocals and shooting a music video. The process was an excellent hands-on learning experience and the students relished working with experts from different creative industries.


The filming day was especially enjoyable with director Renny Wijeyamohan working tirelessly shooting content at school and Maroubra beach.  

The project culminated with a trip to the Sydney Opera House where the students attended the TED-X Sydney Youth Festival and were able to see their music video played between speeches to a packed house.



The school values its connection with I-Manifest and would like to thank Joanna Pretyman and the I-Manifest team for the opportunities they have provided our students in a variety of projects.


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