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Last updated 4:31 PM on 5 March 2013

At our recent Leadership Assembly, we were lucky to have the Dux of 2012 Theresa Coyle as a guest speaker address the students, staff and parents. Theresa was one of the high acheivers of our year 12 group of 2012 achieving an ATAR of 99.25 and being the recipient of the Premier's award for achieving a Band 6 in all of her subjects.

Theresa Coyle- DUX of 2012

She thoroughly deserved these great results and they were a testament to her hard work and great capabilities. Theresa is a fantastic young woman who was highly involved in the life of the school in so many ways from being School Captain, to representing the school in athletics, to being a volunteer,  to being a performer- she pretty much did everything! She really  took advantage of the many great opportunities she was offered being a part of our school.

We would like to congratulate Theresa and all her fellow year 12 students from 2012 and wish them all the best for their futures.

A few quotes from her speech including some great advice for students:

"All through my years at Souths I got the question as to why I came here over the many private and selective opportunities in the area. While they did hold a level of attraction, I had no real desire to be at any other school. I'm sure all the other high achieving students here today agree with me, we were so lucky to be in such a unique environment that allowed us to work hard together under the guidance of our exceptional teachers, but at the same time, gave plenty of opportunity for fun and craziness. I think that balance is so important for a HSC student. There's also something inherently practical about going to a public school- you are not sheltered and placed in a bubble, but are exposed to all walks of life and all kinds of people. I think it definitely promotes a building of character and allows for healthy growth in the challenging of one's ideals and morals."


" What really drove me (during the HSC) was honestly the pride of a job well done- I really wanted to see how far I could push myself and at the end of the day ascribing such a purpose made the effort so much more rewarding."


"you also need lots of loving to succeed. I could not have achieved those results without my amazing teachers, Mr Ward, Miss West, Miss Cleaver, Mr Heaton, Miss Wilson, Mr Haggart and Mr Davidson, who all put up with me through my senior years and devoted so much of their extra time and effort to keep me on track and achieving my goals. I would also like to say a big thank you to all my beautiful crazy friends and my wonderful family who kept me sane through the HSC period. It's so underestimated how much we worked as a year group."  


"3 practical tips for the year 12 students;

1) Don't be a nerd— while school work should take priority this year it is key to have balance in your life: you still need to chill out with your friends on the weekend and get lots of exercise in. Have a study plan to make sure you fit everything in

 2) Have an ATAR goal that you'd like to achieve up in your bedroom for motivation- it really does work!

 3) Know how you like to study; whether you find it easier visually with pictures and mind maps, rote learning, talking someone through what you've learnt, or flash cards, you'll need to have a number of techniques down that are tailored to you for the vast amount of content that you need to store in your head."

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