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Schools Spectacular – TV highlights

The state's most talented young singers, dancers and musicians displayed their skills during four exciting and extravagant performances at the 2011 Schools Spectacular, held recently at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. If you missed the live shows or if you just want to enjoy it all again, you can catch the highlights on ABC TV. Two telecasts are scheduled (check your local TV guide for confirmation): 7.30pm Sunday, 18 December on ABC1 (1hr version) 7.00pm Saturday, 31 December on ABC2 (2.5hr version). The brilliantly choreographed and... Read more

Students in group work activities

Reaching out

Year 9's Attend Reach Foundation Seminar. On Thursday 17th November, all of year 9 attended a youth seminar run by the Reach Foundation at school during periods 1 and 2. Reach was established by former AFL player and Brownlow medal winner, Jim Stynes, with the aim of empowering young people by providing them with opportunities to enhance their own self esteem. Students were split into 2 groups and taken through a 1 and a half hour experience that challenged both their emotions and their self confidence. The experiences provided by the... Read more

Elly and Billy with the food donations for the Salvation Army

Year 7 Supporting the Salvation Army at Christmas

Our year 7 classes are doing their bit to help their local community. Organised by Ms Kopti as a part of Spanish 'Harmony Day', year 7 students collected cans of food, noodles and other foodstuffs to present to the Salvation army for them to help families in need in and around Maroubra at Christmas time. Captain Lenore Lea Johnson, the Team Leader/Corps Officer from the Salvation Army Maroubra visited our school on Monday 11th December. Each year 7 class presented beautifully decorated boxes of food to Ms Johnson. Ms Johnson thanked the... Read more

Students at Luna Park

Physics is Fun!

Physics involves the study of motion and energy. Where better to investigate motion and energy then Luna Park? On Friday 2nd December a group of current and future physics students investigated these concepts first hand at Luna Park. Inertia, energy transformations, conservation of momentum, relative motion, g forces and centripetal acceleration are no longer theoretical concepts to these students as they were able to experience all of these in a fun environment. The day provided students with a fantastic opportunity to interact in a real-life... Read more

Careers advisory service

Now that you've received your HSC results, you may need help with what to do next. A free phone and email careers advisory service is available for students and their families from Thursday 15 December 2011 to Friday 6 January 2012, and is provided by the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Experienced careers advisers will be available on 1300 300 687 or via the Careers Advisory Service website to answer your enquiries and provide advice about career and study options. If you need assistance in clarifying course choices, employment... Read more

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Students with their maths competition certificates

Congratulations Maths Achievers!

A number of our students have achieved excellent results in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Congratulations to the following students who achieved credit and distinction certificates. From bottom left to right: Nancy Muir, Harry Friedberg, Tasnim Rahman, James Cai, Mr Fitzpatrick, From top left to right: Lucas Christian, Alex Kurbanov, Christopher Low and Ryan Bregonis... Read more

Students with a paddle pop stick model

Training year 10 to become leaders

On Friday 25th November, year 10 students participated in training to become Peer Support Leaders for next year. They participated in a number of activities designed to give them skills to prepare them to support year 7 students next year on their transition to high school. There was brainstorming, discussions and activities about giving instructions, communication skills, problem solving, empathy, group dynamics and positive encouragement. The students were engaged in the activities and enjoyed the day. More photos.... Read more

Halloween cupcakes

What's cooking?

Year 10 Food Technology students have being working on their last unit of work called Food for Special Occasions. They recently celebrated Halloween with a few crazy designs.... Read more

Year 10 student in a mock interview

Giving year 10 students an edge

Year 10 were again given the opportunity to test their interview skills recently in a mock interview session with guest employers from BT Financial Group. The students had to choose an advertised job and attend an interview to apply for that job. Most students coped well with their nerves and were put to test with some having a panel interview. Mrs Brookes talked to the Year 10 students in class about how to create a good first impression, what questions they should prepare and what they should include in their Resume for the interview.... Read more

Year 9 boys in the mud challenge

Year 9's enjoy Camp

Over 3 days in week 4 of this term (Monday 31st Oct to Wednesday 2nd Nov), 60 Year 9 students travelled to The Outdoor Education Experience Camp located at Morisset, NSW. The purpose of camp is to build positive relationships amongst students, challenge individuals to overcome their fears, encourage team work, promote effective communication and most importantly have fun. Over the course of the 3 days, the students who attended participated in a range of activities that enabled them to achieve these goals. They included: Abseiling, Giant... Read more

Celebrating safely

Our senior students like to celebrate their major milestones at this time of year, such as finishing exams and leaving school. We encourage parents to work with us to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing during this time. Be assured, our school doesn't allow alcohol at any student function whether held at the school or at student dances, farewells, sports events and barbecues outside the school. Celebration guides for parents and students Time to party Parties are part and parcel of teenage social life and help mark the move... Read more

Student with the Van Der Graff generator

A Hair Raising Experience!

Year 7 science students are studying the FORCES topic at the moment. As a part of that topic, we are looking at electrostatic forces. Students recently used the Van der Graaf generator to look at a number of situations with electrostatic force. Have a look at what happened when Elly put her hands on the large sphere and charged up!... Read more

Charter signing day


A number of events have been run recently as a part of the BEACON program. Year 10 students have made a commitment to pursuing a positive pathway in further education, training or employment upon leaving school at the recent Charter signing ceremony. They have embraced a number of School to Work opportunities presented to them made possible by cooperation between the school, the Beacon Foundation and a variety of industry groups and further education institutes. Programs like ‘Polish' concentrated on allowing students to polish their... Read more

Year 12 balloon decorations

Congratulations Year 12 2011

As their HSC examinations comes to a close, we wish our current year 12 students all the very best for their final HSC exams and in their futures.... Read more

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Sorting fact from fiction

You can't always trust what you read when researching information for assignments. Here are ways your child can tell a good website from a bad one. With so much information on the web and no-one responsible for fact checking, kids need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country-specific commercially motivated information. Play the detective The ability to question information is a vital tool for all school kids. People can publish something that looks great but is full of factual... Read more

Managing exam stress

Feeling anxious before exams is perfectly normal and can even help kids do better. The problems arise when the worry gets out of hand and prevents your child from studying effectively. While you obviously can't jump in and do the work for them, parents can help their kids manage the fear and, in the process, learn valuable skills that will be crucial in later life. Child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien says these key areas are where a little parental guidance can make all the difference: Make sure your child is eating a balanced diet with... Read more

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Green Light Day

On Friday 26th August, 2011, Ms Brooks and I had the pleasure of taking 25 students from Year 10 and 11 to the QANTAS Centre of Excellence for a Careers Day. The day was to showcase the Transport and Logistics Industry. It was to show the diversity of career paths, transferability of skills and opportunities for variety and travel within the industry. It was a fantastic day and the students engaged in all the career paths within QANTAS. Green Light Day provided all costs including morning tea, transport and show bags. The students represented... Read more

Creative SSHS Science Students

Year 7 and year 9 science students have recently been given some problem solving and creative challenges to complete as a part of their science courses. Year 9Blue class had to make a wind powered device using recycled materials from their homes as a part of their "Earth's Resources' Topic. The device had to travel at least 1 metre whilst carrying an egg. Year 7 students had to make a 'mouse trap car' using only the mouse trap to propel the car forward. This was a part of their 'Energy' topic. The students put a great effort into designing,... Read more

SSHS Music News

The yearly HSC Music Concert was held on Wednesday 24th September to showcase our talented Yr. 12 music students as they put the final touches on their performance programs for their exams. The concert was attended by parents and family with a good showing from interested students and staff. A wide variety of styles were presented and the evening proved beneficial to our music students by providing a performance setting. The Yr 11 Music class performed at the Showcase held at South Juniors on Thursday 25th August. The whole class worked... Read more

Year 9 Elective Geography

To celebrate the conclusion of the topic Oceanography, the Year 9 Elective Geography class spent two weeks designing board games that reflected what they had learnt. Over the 8 weeks in class many interesting topics were covered; Pirates, Ocean Myths, Creatures of the Deep, Tides, Currents and Waves, Pearl Divers, Whaling, Shark fining and Drift Net Fishing. On Monday 5th September, in period 5 the class divided into groups and got a chance to play each of their newly created games, discovering how much they had learnt. Ms Emo handed out... Read more

Meeting the Megafauna!

Year 11 Biology students recently went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens and the Australian Museum. They observed and learnt about different plants and animals found in Australia now and from a long time ago. The Taronga Zoo Mobile also brought some animals for them to look at including an echidna, a crocodile, a shingleback lizard and a possum. The students then met some Australian Megafauna at the Australian Museum and looked at some fossils and bones. It was a very busy but productive and interesting day! See more photos here.... Read more

Year 12 and Yr 11 Art Exhibition

On Tuesday, 6th September, senior Visual Arts students will be showing their artworks in an exhibition held in the hall. Students and teachers with their classes can view the exhibition from recess until school ends. The exhibition will re-open at 5.30pm for parents, carers and students . It will close at 7pm. Many of the artworks may surprise viewers as they are unconventional. All of them reveal aspects of young people – their passions, concerns and interests. See some photos here.... Read more

Tournament of the Minds

On the 27th August 2011, 7 SSHS students competed in a 'Tournament of the Minds' event. Tournament of the Minds is a competition-based event in which each team must present to a panel of adjudicators a solution to a problem that is related to the category that was picked by the team. Two examples of categories are; language literature, and maths engineering. The team had picked the language literature category, and the problem that they received was that they had to re-create (act out) a trailer of a certain movie. They travelled to... Read more

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Cup Cake Day

Congratulations to the SRC and NSW Premiers Volunteers who joined forces last week to raise money for the RSPCA and Young Care. We had our cake stall on Friday the 26th August and we raised 644 dollars over recess and lunch. The efforts of these students were fantastic with many baking cakes for hours the night before. Appreciation and thanks to all who participated. Mrs Helen Stell & Ms Joelle Touchard... Read more

Business Studies and Economics

HSIE Faculty celebrates the excellent achievements of the Business Studies and Economics Competition. Well done to the Business Studies and Economics students that participated in the Business Studies and Economics Competition that was an Australia and New Zealand wide examination. Our students received a number of distinctions and meritorious awards as well as a High Distinction award, the latter awarded to Joel Conway of Yr 11 . These results reflect both the commitment of the students as well as the hard working efforts of the teachers. Our... Read more

SRC Update

SRC! What are we up to? The SRC are planning to paint and decorate the wall near J block; next to the gym, to strengthen the school's spirit and atmosphere within the school's community. We are also planning to plant a vegetable patch near the wall for the TAFE department to use. South Sydney High School will be hosting the next SRC zone meeting which is coming up this term. We have been organising and have been working together to create on behalf of the students of this school, suitable decisions and to organise magnificent events in order... Read more

Cake Stall Fundraiser

Cake Stall @ SSHS 26th August The SRC have been working hard to organise a Cake Stall for the school. This will be held on Friday 26th of August Everything will be $1. No sales, no discounts, no extra charges, just $1 for some delicious cupcakes and goodies on the 26th of August. The money raised will be divided between Keeping young people out of aged care and the RSPCA.... Read more


South Sydney High School hosted a team from Cornwall, England on 17.8.11 The team from England were part of the Cornwall club and have been touring in Queensland and NSW for the past two weeks. Our Knockout team acquitted themselves very well against this very strong club. We eventually went down 42 – 32. The girls that played on the day were Jordan Connor Nicole Karet Natalie Notaras Pesi Palu Jaymee Pearce Tiana Penitani Melissa Riddoch Jasmin Mavin Amy Stuart. The Cornwall club awarded Pesi and Tiana shirts for players of the match. Our... Read more


On Monday 15th August at 9.30 am, four of our students arrived at the steps of NSW State Parliament House in Sydney to debate an issue that they had been researching and meeting about for over six weeks. This year's team saw R yan Ahearne (Yr 11), Taylah Jackson (Yr 11), Brent Newport (Yr 9) and Hayden Towns (Yr 9) come together to debate in and win one of the seven debates held that day. They represented the opposition and argued against the issue: "T here needs to be more structure to support Aboriginal students in their pursuit of... Read more

SSHS Countering Cyber Bullying

South Sydney High School would like to welcome you to a 'Countering Cyber Bullying' Parent forum, to be held on Tuesday 13th September, 6-7pm. See the Parent forum flyer (pdf, 348 KB)for more details.... Read more

National Computer Science School

The National Computer Science School (NCSS) is a week long summer school for students going into years 11 and 12 in 2012. NCSS brings together talented young people from around Australia for an intensive course of computer programming and website development in the School of IT at the University of Sydney. NCSS 2012 will run from Saturday 7th to Monday 16th January, 2012 (inclusive).NCSS is organised by academic staff, alumni and students of the School of Information Technologies. The school is completely residential, with all students... Read more

Mobile homework help

Parents can now access quality information to help with their child's homework and assignments while on the go. The School A to Z mobile app, available free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is part of a new online parent resource developed by the education department. The app features: plain-English definitions of maths, English and technology terms, including videos and help sheets information and useful links to help with common classroom assignments Maths Monkey times tables learning game Spelling Bee learning game. The Spelling Bee... Read more

Snow Trip 2011

During the July holidays 30 students were lucky enough to travel down to Thredbo to enjoy the best start to a ski season in more than a decade. The group travelled overnight from Sydney on Thursday and arrived at the break of dawn on Friday to snow falling in Jindabyne. They quickly ate, changed, collected equipment and jumped back in the bus to take on the ‘challenge' of ‘Friday Flats' and ‘Merits' ski runs. Each student was placed into lesson groups that suited their ability level and went off with instructors for 2 hour lessons. In the... Read more

Sports Stars

On the 1st and 2nd of August almost 30 students from South Sydney High School competed in the Regional Athletics Carnival at Sylvania Waters Athletic Fields. There were some outstanding results, with Tiana Penitani (15 Years Girls) and Maddison Musumeci (Opens Girls) finishing as Age Champions. The list of students who placed either first or second in their event is below and all of these students will go on to represent the school and the Region at the NSW CHSSSA Carnival on the 8-10th of September. Congratulations to all of them! Nancy... Read more

New parent resource launches

Parents can support their child's learning with a new purpose-built resource that includes a website, mobile applications and social media channels. The School A to Z online school community, developed by the education department, provides practical advice about homework, tips on learning, wellbeing, technology and resources to help parents and carers support their child's social, physical and mental development. It includes a free mobile application for iPad and smartphones that features hundreds of definitions about maths and English terms,... Read more

Science Comp Results

Congratulations to all those students who sat for the recent International Science Competition run by the University of NSW, Sydney. These tests are sat annually by interested students and provide extensive independent evaluations of student skills, knowledge and understanding in science core areas. The following students achievement was outstanding and they were awarded with special certificates. Distinction certificates were awarded to: Christopher Low (year 11) Zachery Bedoya, Taylor Findley, and Lauren Williams ( year 10) Credit... Read more

Collect your Coles Vouchers!!

The School has once again registered for the Coles Sport for School's program. Last year the PDHPE and Sport faculties benefited greatly from the extra equipment that it received as a result of the program. We are asking students, family members and friends of the school to once again support us in the collection of the vouchers, and hopefully we can surpass the number of vouchers received in 2010. Any student who wishes to hand in their vouchers can do so at the PDHPE staffroom, or pass them to their PDHPE teacher. Many thanks The PDHPE and... Read more

State Music Camp 2011

Year 7 student Ethan Crosweller attended the 2011 State Music Camp. This is his account: Last week I attended the state music camp at Stanwell Tops where many kids from around the state traveled to learn, play and "breathe music". Over the music-filled week I learnt so much about the way I play trumpet; it also has encouraged me to enjoy my music more. Much to my surprise the tutors not only had a passion for their instruments but a passion for singing. In fact the main advice that the leaders were giving all week was if you can sing it, you... Read more


We welcome back Ross Fitzpatrick form leave and trust that he has fully recovered. Please note that our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 9th August at 7.30 pm. We meet in the common room which is opposite the hall. Entry is through the Paine St gate and through the gate beside the hall, leading to the courtyard. Everyone is welcome. We'd love to see you there. Helen Thurgate President... Read more

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Retirements and Welcomes

The last day of Term 2 saw the retirement of our HSIE Head Teacher, Mr David Goodman. Both the History and the Social Science departments came together in 2009 and formed the HSIE department with Mr Goodman as the Head Teacher. We will all miss him around school and we wish him all the best as his sets off on his new adventures and maybe a few archaeological digs. Ms Allie Emo will be replacing Mr Goodman for the rest of this year as Acting Head Teacher, and she is located in the Social Science staffroom upstairs in C Block or in B1 classroom.... Read more

Get to know our teachers!

Meet Mrs Stell (Social Science teacher) For the recipe on 'How to Be a Great School', one of the main ingredients is ‘exceptional teachers'. Just like every ingredient you need to know what that ingredient is capable of, what it has to offer and what makes it special and known, at South Sydney we exhibit this main ingredient. The exceptional teacher of the week goes to the bright, bubbly and very hard working Mrs Stell. A Social Science teacher specialising in Commerce and Business Studies, Mrs Stell grew up as a beautiful youngster with... Read more

Regional Netball Knockout Final

On Monday,25th July 11 girls from our school took part in the final of Regional Knockout at Menai Indoor Centre. We had previously won 3 games to reach this final stage. We played three schools on the day including Endeavour Sports High School and eventually placed equal 4th in the Region. This is an outstanding result. The girls were a credit to themselves and their school. The players involved were Pesi Palu Tiana Penitani Theresa Coyle Jasmin Mavin Brodie Villareal Melissa Riddoch Jaymee Pearce Nicole Karet Natalie Notaras Amy Stuart... Read more

Port Kembla Steel Works Trip

Earlier this year the year 12 Engineering Studies class had the opportunity to visit the steel making plant at Port Kembla. Our tour included the production of pig iron using the blast furnace which was then transferred to the BOS furnace for refining into steel. Pictured behind the students is a torpedo tank rail car which is used for this type of molten metal transfer. We then observed the continuous casting machine where huge slabs of red hot steel are produced, before being taken to the rolling mill. The students gained a firsthand... Read more

Meeting the Mangroves

Year 11 Biology students recently travelled to the Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush to do a field study on the ecosystem there as a part of the topic "A local ecosystem". Students observed the mangroves and their adaptations and learnt about different aspects of the mangrove ecosystem. They used equipment to measure abiotic factors such as humidity, light intensity, pH and temperature of the air, soil and water and also carried out a quadrat study to estimate abundance of different organisms. It was a great day! Check out some more photos.... Read more

Practical study ideas

Many students find study a challenge, but you can help make it more rewarding for your child by encouraging them to use some of the following ideas: Keep up with assignments and assessment tasks mark key dates on a calendar make an assignment schedule for each week make daily 'to-do' lists. Review class work each day keep a notepad handy while reading to make notes or reminders create flash cards of main ideas or key points (with details on the back) make up study questions to test learning. Take breaks while studying your child will... Read more

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Dave Goodman and Jill Shanahan from HSIE are both retiring at the end of term 2. Congratulations on their successful career and their dedication to the students at South Sydney High School over so many years. We wish them all the best for their retirement!... Read more

History Debating Comp

Year ten History students have recently been involved in the second round of the Les Gordon History Debating Competition. Their opponents in this round were Penshurst Girls High School. The topic of the debate was "That multiculturalism is still alive and kicking." All six speakers spoke confidently and passionately on this topic. The final result was a close victory to Penshurst Girls. The four students who represented South Sydney in this competition deserve to be commended for the quality of their historical research, the confidence with... Read more

Bush Tucker Cooking

Aboriginal students were invited to bring their families along to a bush tucker experience. Families enjoyed working together in the kitchen to prepare wattle scones which were eaten with rosella or lilly pilly jam. There were some excellent chefs who produced outstanding batches of scones while some of us learnt that it is not as easy as it might look, and ‘scone' was perhaps not the most appropriate name for what we produced! A meal of tender stir fried kangaroo with vegetables seasoned with outback spirit spices was also prepared. The... Read more

School holiday reading ideas

24 June 2011 Encouraging your kids to pick up a few good books during the holidays is a great way to keep their hard-earned reading skills from slipping. Here are some suggestions. Books for young kids For boys and girls in Kindergarten to Year 2: The Terrible Plop - Ursula Dubosarsky Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House - Libby Gleeson. For boys and girls in Years 3 and 4: Ballroom Bonanza - Nina Rycroft (a fabulous rhyming alphabetical picture book) The Adventures of a Late-Night Swearer - Nette Hilton The Walk Right in Detective... Read more

Rugby success!

School Boy Trophy v Lake Ginninderra College Canberra On Wednesday 8th June the SSHS Open Boys Rugby League team travelled to Canberra to take on the Canberra Regional Champions 'Lake Ginninderra College'. The boys left SSHS at 6am to get to Canberra for the kick off at 12.30pm. The temperature was a very warm 5 degrees! By the end of the first half scores were locked up at 16 each. The team regrouped at half time, went back to the game plan and came out firing on all cylinders in the second half in what could be described as an almost... Read more


On Friday 13th May a group of South Sydney's Indigenous students made history… A group of Year 9 SSHS students teamed up with a handful of university Mentors from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to kick off East Sydney's first ever Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) at UTS City campus last month. AIME provides a six-year Mentoring Program for Indigenous high school students to access by partnering university student volunteers in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with students from SSHS and 4 other high schools in... Read more

Rugby Returns!

School Boy Cup Regional Final V St Marys Cathedral South Sydney High School took on St Marys Cathedral in the School Boy Cup Regional Final played at Henson Park. The game started with SSHS scoring the first try and by half time we were leading 18-0. We dominated the first half with good field position and strong defence. SSHS scored 2 more tries in a comprehensive second half performance winning the game 28 -4. Best and fairest on the day were Matt Jackson, Ryan Farrelly and Adem Gullu. The SSHS team next face a team from the Canberra Region... Read more

Parent Teacher Night Update

The Year 7-10 Parent/Teacher evening will be on Tuesday 28th June from 4pm - 7pm. The purpose being to give parents feedback on student progress. The half yearly report will be issued to parents of students in Year 7 to 10 on the evening. Parents of Year 11 students have already had the opportunity to discuss student progress on Monday 16th May 2011. Nevertheless parents of Year 11 students may also further discuss student progress on 28th June from 4pm - 7pm if they wish to do so. Reports for Year will also be available on this evening. The... Read more

Kosuge Connections

The recent annual Kosuge High School visit from Japanese year 9 students and their teachers went off without a hitch and was a great success! The students made many new friends, had a language and cultural exchange and had a great time. Thanks must go to Mr McNeil, Mr Szallasi, Mr Baker, Ms Ffrench and Ms Lawrence for organising and running the exchange and it's activities. Thankyou also to all the host families for looking after our Japanese guests. For more photos look here.... Read more

Cross Country Champions!

On 3rd June 30 students competed at the Zone Cross Country held at Ash Paddock in Centennial Park. Some excellent results were achieved, with the standout performances being: Emma McGuigan 1st 13 Girls Jordan Stephenson 1st 14 Boys Nicholas Printant 3rd 15 Boys Nicholas Rae 4th 14 Boys Jerome Benhayon 4th 12 Boys Pryangka Viana Martins 4th 14 Girls CONGRATULATIONS to these students! These students have gone on to compete at the Regional Athletics Carnival 15/06/11 at Miranda Park, Miranda. Gareth Davidson Sports Coordinator... Read more

Education tax refund

8 June 2011 With the financial year almost over, now is the time to start collating your receipts from education expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives parents and caregivers a 50% refund on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. For the 2010-2011 financial year you may be eligible for the following: Primary school child You can claim a maximum of $794 for each of your primary school children and receive a maximum refund of $397 per primary school child.... Read more

Students making links

Our school is bringing students together with successful business people as mentors, under the auspices of the Beacon Foundation and with financial support from United Way (both non-profit organisations). Recently our students have been involved in a 'Business breakfast' and just this week a 'Lunch with the girls' where they met and made links with members of the local business community. The students have a chance to engage with business mentors and are learning skills in presentation and interviewing, and engaging socially with people from... Read more


Reminder to Year 7 students, Parents/Guardians. NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Is-landers Day Observance Committee'. This committee was once responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has become the name of the week itself. NAIDOC celebrates the survival of Indigenous culture and the Indigenous contribution to modern Australia. All Aus-tralians are encouraged to participate in NAIDOC Week activities. NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia in July to celebrate the history,... Read more

Congrats SSHS Girls Touch team!

Congratulations to the Open Girls Knockout Touch Football Team! Throughout term 1 and the first half of term 2, the open girls knockout touch football team have been competing in the Sydney East Annual Knockout tournament. This tournament involves the majority of public schools within the Sydney East region. The girls team, made up of a majority of junior school students, have finished 3rd in this tournament, just one place away from progressing to the state wide tournament. A fantastic effort! The only two teams to finish ahead of the girls... Read more

Recyled Art Workshop

At the end of last term 15 students from the Transition Group, took part in a Recycled Art Workshop. They used old skateboards and turned them into art. An artist (Angela) was provided for the students by Randwick council. She provided all the paints, brushes and tutoring for the students on the day. The students produced some excellent pieces of art. During the holidays I took the skateboards and entered them into the Filthy Art Festival at Maroubra Beach. This is a Randwick Council initiative. I am very pleased to report that we had two... Read more

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Athletics Carnival!

Get ready for it!!! SSHS will be holding its annual Athletics Carnival this week! This is shaping up to be a great day of competition and participation in a variety of athletic events. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Date: Friday 20th May Venue: Hensley Field, Pagewood Map Arrangements: Students are to make their own way to and from the venue Start time: 8.45am Finish time: 2.30-3pm Dress: House colours Cost: $4.50 paid at the gate on entrance. Wet weather? : If the weather looks poor in the morning (i.e. pouring with rain), then please check the... Read more

Athletics Carnival Success

The annual SSHS Athletics Carnival was held on Friday 20/5/11. We were lucky to have fantastic weather and a great day of athletics competition. Results for the house competition to be announced soon! Check out some photos. Congratulations to all who participated and to those who achieved places in their events.... Read more

4 spots left on the SNOWTRIP

SOUTH SYDNEY HS SNOW TRIP 2011 PROGRAM DATES: The program will run from Thursday 14 July to Sunday 17 July 2011 (travelling overnight on the Thursday night to arrive on Friday morning). The trip is open to students Years 9 -12 and will cost $565 in total. We still have 4 positions available for the trip. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM? o 2 nights accommodation at Bungarra Alpine Centre – The Junction – West Lodge o Catering for breakfast, lunch & dinner Friday & Saturday and breakfast & lunch on Sunday o The lunch each day is the hot lunches... Read more

Student is awarded scholarship!

Aboriginal Student Scholarship. Blake Hayward pictured here with Aunty Fay Carrol and Barry after recieving the scholarship. Blake Hayward, Year 12, was this year's recipient of the 'Regional Two Ways Together Student Scholarship'. Aunty Fay Carrol and Barry, Sydney Region Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers, presented Blake with a cheque for $1000 on the School Assembly this week. This money will go toward meeting educational expenses this year which will ensure Blake is able to continue pursuing his goals for the future. Congratulations... Read more

Homework and multi-tasking

Can kids really do their homework and multi-task? Parents around the world are divided on this. Half watch their teenagers sitting among a pile of books, earphones in, computer on, TV humming in the background and think, "I wish I could multi-task like that". The others stride across the room, pull the plug on the distractions, and ask the age-old question: "How can you study with that on?" What does the international research reveal about multi-tasking? Here is a summary of the key findings: Teenagers might be regularly multi-tasking, but... Read more

Touch football success!

Boys and Girls Touch Teams Progress On Wednesday 23rd March, the open boys and girls Touch football teams played their round one matches of this years Regional Touch knockout tournament. Esei making a break The boys warming up before the game. Kingi and Leon in action Boys results The open boys played their match against GRC- Hurstville. It was a fast paced and hard fought match that saw the lead change a number of times. The boys found themselves behind with just over 5 minutes to go in the game but remained composed to score two quick... Read more

WEAVE art workshop

Some year 10 students recently attended an art workshop hosted by United Way (a mentoring program for year 10 students). It was held at Weave Art Studio at Eveleigh on Friday 13/5/11. It was a great success and we received very positive feedback from the corporate mentors who engaged with our students whilst helping them paint on canvas about their dreams and aspirations. Photo gallery.... Read more

Need help with your homework?

SSHS will be hosting a school homework centre. SSHS will be hosting an AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) Learning Centre for Years 7 to 12 in the School Library. The homework sessions and times are on the attached permission form (doc, 358 KB). Some of the sessions include group workshops or guests as well. Keith Porter will be the supervising teacher and Belinda Huntriss is the AIME Co-ordinator. University students volunteer their time to assist students with their homework. While Aboriginal students are encouraged to take... Read more

Talented Sports Program at SSHS

Talented Sports Program to start at South Sydney High School The Talented Sports Program (TSP) will be starting in Term 2, during sport time on a Wednesday afternoon, and will focus on Soccer and touch football. It will be coordinated by the PDHPE staff. It has been developed in response to the needs of students who wish to achieve excellence in both academic and sporting pursuits. TSP offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads, with specialised coaching staff. Please contact Dave Haggart on 93493868... Read more

Japanese visitors

Year 9 students from Kosuge Junior High School and one of their teachers and their vice principal have spent a few days visiting our school for a cultural exchange. SSHS students and teachers have been hosting our friends from Japan and it's been a wonderful time learning about each other's cultures and making new friends. The students have participated in activities such as painting boomerangs, making origami and learning how to play with traditional Japanese toys. It has been a great experience for SSHS and we hope to see them again!!... Read more

Opportunity for Science students

The Science Experience 2011-2012 Thre is an opportunity for year 9 and 10 students interested in Science to attend The Science Experience program! This a 3 day program of hands-on science activities in laboratories at UNSW. It involves short interactive lectures from prominent scientists such as Dr Fiona Wood (2005 Australian of the Year) and the Sleekest Geek himself, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and most programs incluce a visit to a local research/industry site. Each program provides information on possible careers and future study opportunities. ... Read more

Science help - top tips

Parents can help with their child's understanding of science and scientific principles. Here are some top tips: Encourage your child to ask questions and help them find the answers. Talk to your child about being a good problem solver. Give them increasingly difficult puzzles to solve as they develop more skills. These could be in the form of games or experiments, questions or puzzles, including those found in newspapers such as Sudoko, or physical problems such as jigsaws or 3D models. Talk to your child about basing their views on evidence... Read more

A Visit from Kosuge High School

We are excited to welcome a group of Year 9 students from Kosuge High School in Japan to our school for an exchange/visit during week 4. The Japanese students will stay with student hosts from our school, and be involved in some classes and exchange activities with our students. It is a great chance for the students to practice their English, make some Australian friends and to see what life is like in Australia. This is the 3rd year we have had this cultural exchange. Students involved in the previous visits really loved the experience and... Read more

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The SRC are doing good things!

This year the Student Representative Council (SRC) kicked off Term 1 with a fundraiser where we collected money during an assembly to help aid people in New Zealand and help them get back on their feet. This was a huge success because we raised over $450!! This was a great achievement for our school because we have raised a large amount of money to show our care and respect for people in urgent need of help. Upcoming SRC planned events include painting the wall behind the gym and near the area with the silver seats. There are also plans for... Read more

Bush Tucker Garden Opening

On Monday 28th March we celebrated the opening of our Bush Tucker Garden Project. This will be a long term project planting indigenous plants traditionally used for food and medicine. Our partners, Randwick Council, are supplying the professional advice and supervision, plants and mulch. We invited the team leaders to cut the ribbon and the ceremony was watched by Aboriginal students, their families, teachers and the SRC. Visit Aboriginal student programs to read more about programs we are offering.... Read more

BEACON Business Breakfast

BEACON Foundation Business Breakfast On Tuesday 29 March we held a very successful breakfast for local business operators and personnel from larger companies in the larea. This was done with the assistance of the Beacon Foundation and supported financially by United Way. Beacon Foundation at SSHS The purpose was to develop links within our local com-munity to provide opportunities for students to engage in work experience, meet with business leaders to hear about the great variety of jobs that are available and also to link students to... Read more

Year 7 Parent Barbeque-April 5th

The P&C held a BBQ to welcome year 7 students and parents to our school community on Tuesday 5th April. Parents and students were able to meet their teachers and collect an interim report that gave them information about how their child has settled into their new classes. Thankyou to the P & C for organising this night. It was a great success! (even though there was a big downpour which required some relocation!)... Read more

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Science Competition

Once again we are offering science students the opportunity to participate in the UNSW science competition. This is a skills based competition held in term 2. It consists of 45 or 50 multiple choice questions and it takes about an hour to complete. The science competition is strongly recommended as it provides and opportunity for all students and parents to gain a measure of the child's achievement level as well as providing a snapshot of their personal strengths and weaknesses. The science competition also provides good practice for the... Read more

Success in Knockout Netball

On Tuesday the 15th March our girls team played in the Regional Netball Knockout Competition at Belingarra Courts, Sylvania. We played two games on the day and managed to have two excellent victories. Our first game was against Oatley Secondary Campus. We won 43 – 11 Our second game was against St George Girl's High. We won 47 – 16. We have now progressed to the quarter finals of the Region which will be played at Menai Indoor Courts in July. Congratulations to the girls for not only their success but their exemplary attitudes, effort and... Read more

P&C Election Day Book Stall


Mosquito-borne diseases

NSW Health is warning parents and school communities about a range of health risks associated with mosquito bites. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of mosquitoes in some parts of NSW following recent heavy rainfall and flooding. Mosquitoes can transmit a number of viral infections, including Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus, and a large number of these infections have been reported in 2011. A rarer but more serious mosquito-borne infection called Murray Valley encephalitis has also been detected in western NSW.... Read more

Excursion to the Hunter Valley

Year 11 and 12 Geography Excursion On the 1st March, Year 11 and 12 Geography went to Tyrrell's Winery in the Hunter Valley to learn about vineyards and wineries. After the two and a half hour drive up to the Hunter Valley we were greeted by our tour guide whose family owned the vineyard. He talked to us about the history of Tyrrell's and provided us with interesting knowledge about the vineyard and wineries. Some of the topics he talked about included; the climate and aspect that help the grapes produce better, how different soils make the... Read more

Art Express Excursion

Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts students travelled to Sydney Olympic Park to view Artexpress on Tuesday 15th March The exhibition was held at The Armory and included artworks by SSHS students from the 2010 HSC class. On show were many outstanding works in a wide variety of forms and media. This provided many points for discussion and inspiration for the students in developing their own body of work. The inclusion of Lewis and Wing Kit's (Year 12 2010) work in the Art Express Exhibition was of particular interest and inspiration. Students see now... Read more

It's easy being green

Reducing your family's carbon footprint at home and school is easy and can save you money at the same time. Low-waste lunches Try doing a lunch box audit with your kids to see how much packaging you use such as plastic wrap, plastic throw-away spoons, straws and plastic bags, along with pre-packaged foods. Lunch boxes with their special compartments for sandwiches, fruit, nuts and snacks are the best way to reduce additional wrapping or packaging of individual items. Chilled or frozen juice or water keeps lunch cool and fresh. Reusable drink... Read more

Onstage Excursion

Onstage Excursion 2011 Students enrolled in drama recently visited Sydney University's Seymour Centre to see the best work produced by students from the 2010 HSC. The day was a busy one that began with an exhibition of design projects from costume through to set and lighting. They were also able to see director's folios up close and realise the amount of focus and commitment that is required to produce excellence in this very important subject. In the afternoon the students were treated to some amazing group devised performances that ranged... Read more

News from the class of 2007....

Left to right: Nina Hammann, Nelson Russia, Joshua Andre, Andrew Sinclair, Jonathan Andre It was great to see some old faces back at South Sydney High School last week. With University just starting back they were proud to fill us in on their progress and achievements. Nelson is finishing Medical Science – 4th Year Honours and is transferring into Medicine at UNSW in 2012 (his dream come true). Andrew is in his final year of Biological Science at UNSW. The Andre boys are in their 4th year of a double degree Commerce/Science at UNSW. Nina was... Read more

Year 7 Camp 2011

66 Yr 7 students recently spent 3 fun filled days at the Great Aussie Bush Camp located in Tea Gardens. The students participated in a range of activities including Canoeing, Abseiling, and the Giant Swing. They also got to do the 'Lost island challenge' where they had to get dirty making their way through a tricky obstacle course that involved going under and through lots of mud! It was a great time for all. Thanks must go to the teachers accompanied the year 7s on their camp: Ms Touchard, Ms Giordano, Ms Wilson and Mr Szallasi.... Read more

Students selected for ARTEXPRESS

The outstanding artwork of Wing Kit Cheng and Lewis Ian Pilgrim from year 12, 2010, have been selected to be a part of the NSW ARTEXPRESS exhibition. ARTEXPRESS is a suite of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by students for the Higher School Certificate Examination in Visual Arts. The exhibition will be in Sydney and travel to regional areas of Australia this year.... Read more

Getting organised for school

Children get their work done more easily if they can manage their time and their environment. Here are five great tips from experts and families to help you and your kids get organised for school. 1. Establish some routines Set up a few simple routines in your home that make things more efficient. For example, teach your kids that the first thing they do when they come in the door is empty their bag of food and notes or newsletters. 2. Manage time Talk to your kids regularly about planning how they use time for activities that need doing as... Read more

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Healthy Kids website

Keeping kids active and healthy has been made easier with the relaunch of the Healthy Kids website. Healthy Kids is the main source of online information in NSW focused on the prevention of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity. The website's five main messages you can share with your kids are: get active each day choose water as a drink eat more fruit and vegetables eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives turn off the TV or computer and get active. The website has great information, such as lunch box... Read more

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Education tax refund

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to keep their receipts from education related expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives you refunds of 50% on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. You can receive refunds up to a maximum of $397 per primary school student and $794 per secondary school student. Items you can claim You can claim the cost of buying, establishing, repairing and maintaining any of the following items: home computers and laptops... Read more