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Toys 'n Tucker fundraiser

Toys 'n Tucker Fundraising

The SRC would like to thank the students and the community of South Sydney High School for their help in raising money for the Toys ‘n' Tucker collection. We were able to purchase $265 worth of extra toys for those kids who would have gone without. Along with the food donations and a cash donation of $202.00 the Anglicare organisations were grateful. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday from the SRC.... Read more

Origami project

South Sydney Club for Intelligent Minds 2014 update

SSCIM (South Sydney's Club for Intelligent Minds)'s first year draws to an end… and we are looking forward to 2015 Our last official SSCIM meeting of the year took place in the drama room on Monday 8 December. Our year 7 dancers were busy discussing their next project while our chess players were not only trying out the newly acquired timer for matches but discussing and planning possibilities for our giant chess set in 2015. It has been a busy and exciting year for South Sydney's Club for Intelligent Minds, which offers support and... Read more

Big Picture Project

Big Picture Project Presentations

There was a buzz in the air in our staff common room on Tuesday afternoon the 9thof December as teachers, parents and our school principal Ms Robyn Matthews joined this year's Big Picture Project cohort led by their teacher Ms Fiona Blair to celebrate their achievements in project based learning. The scope of the subject matter explored in projects presented this year included fascinating topics such the illuminati and optical illusions. Short films and video games also featured in the creative work these students were justifiably proud to... Read more

Beacon celebration

BEACON celebrates 2014 and soars into 2015

On Monday the 8th of December United Way invited our school to celebrate the Beacon activities that had taken place in 2014 and consider what was next for 2015. Ms Stell the Beacon program coordinator at our school took 16 Year 9 students, prospective Beacon student Ambassadors for 2015, who showed an interest in leadership opportunities at our school. They were taken to the ING Direct building in Sussex Street, where the view was as fantastic as the food that was provided. They were then taken to the 14th floor where workshops in leadership... Read more

Banish sunburn

Over exposure to UV radiation from the sun in childhood or adolescence increases the risk of developing melanoma later in life. Teach your child how to apply sunscreen properly, and they'll be able to protect themselves even when you're not around. When the number hits 3, protect from UV. Check the daily UV alert in your local newspaper or at A UV level of 1 or 2 will not damage most skin types, but a UV level of 3 or above can be harmful even on a cloudy day. Apply early. Sunscreen needs to be applied 20... Read more

CAPA Night

CAPA night 2014

On Tuesday 25 November our school community gathered to celebrate student achievement in the creative arts. Year 7 dancers from our school's S.S.C.I.M club opened the evening with a dance they choreographed to the music and lyrics of Katie Perry's ‘Dark Horse'. The audience who had been enjoying the rich array of visual art works on display in our school hall then took their seats for a highly engaging evening of vocal and instrumental musical items as well as dramatic performances. At interval the P&C provided a wonderful barbeque for all... Read more

Hosting gatecrasher-proof teenage parties

If your teen is planning an end-of-year get together with their mates, the NSW Police website has some excellent tips, including how to register your party to help prevent things getting out of hand. The number one tip is never to advertise a private party on Facebook or other social networks. Uninvited visitors are increasingly a problem at teenage parties. By giving the local police a heads-up at least 72 hours prior to the party, they'll be better prepared to help out if you need them to. There are obviously a lot of parties... Read more

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Homework Club

Souths Cares Homework Club at SSHS

This year marked the inaugural year for Souths Sydney's Homework Club for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in year 7, 8 and 9. Compass (the University of Sydney's social inclusion program designed for primary and secondary school students interested in University) partnered with the South Sydney Rabbitoh's charity Souths Cares to offer students at South Sydney a homework club, held every Tuesday afternoon across terms 2 and 3 of this year. As part of the program, Compass sent University of Sydney student volunteers to attend the... Read more

White Ribbon BBQ Breakfast

White Ribbon Campaign at SSHS

On 25th November South Sydney HS held a BBQ breakfast to end violence against women. All males were asked to swear that they will ‘NEVER COMMIT, CONDONE OR REMAIN SILENT ABOUT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN' and took the White Ribbon Oath. Although most men will never commit acts of violence towards women, by remaining silent about this issue, we are allowing it to continue. The White Ribbon Campaign is a call to all men of all ages to take action. FACTS ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Nationally representative surveys have found that anywhere from... Read more

Kylie being presented her Award for Volunteering

Volunteer receives Kingsford Smith Award for Volunteering

Congratulations Kylie on your Kingsford Smith Community Service Award Kylie Wessels was among a number of Eastern suburb recipients nominated for the Kingsford Smith Award for volunteering. This was presented to her by Matt Thistlewaite, our Federal member for Kingsford Smith at Bowen Library on Thursday the 20th November. Those who know Kylie know that she is tireless in working to help others. She has performed many hours of volunteering in our school and for organisations such as Girl Guides, the RSPCA and our local Library. Aside from... Read more

Year 10 Graduation Assembly

The year 10 Graduation Assembly will be held on 12th December 2014 at 1.00pm. All parents/caregivers are invited to the ceremony which will be held in the school hall. Students will receive a certificate acknowledging their graduation and will be presented to the school community on stage in the school hall. The formalities will be followed by light refreshments in the school courtyard. We do hope that you can join us for this special event D. Haggart... Read more

What parents should know about Instagram

It's hard to keep up with all the social media platforms and apps our kids want to use. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks for school-aged children at the moment. It's a free, photo and video sharing mobile application and social network for people aged 13 years and over. There's no age-verification process though, so younger children can create an account pretty easily, sometimes without parents even knowing. Instagram say they'll remove under-age users' accounts if they are reported. Instagram has just published... Read more

Mentor breakfast

Year 11/12 Mentor Program at SSHS

To support our year 11 students as they go through their final year of high school we have recently started the annual year 11/12 mentoring program. The program involves students being matched to a teacher who they feel they have a good working relationship with, who can help guide them through their HSC. The role of the teacher is to meet with their mentor group/students on a regular basis in order to monitor their progress, assist them in establishing good study patterns, help them with motivation levels, and provide general support. On... Read more

Year 9 PASS students at the Wheelchair Rugby Championships

An Inspiring Excursion- Wheelchair Rugby Championships

On Thursday 23rd October the Year 9 PASS students visited the Force 4 Wheelchair Rugby Championships in Homebush to watch the modified sport of Wheelchair Rugby. This was an inspiring experience for the year 9 students who supported the players enthusiastically and learnt a lot about how sports can be adapted to meet the needs of specific groups including young children, older athletes or athletes with a disability. The game is made up of two teams who are trying to move a ball across the other teams goal line while the defenders attempt to... Read more

White Ribbon Day activities 2013

White Ribbon Campaign

The White ribbon Campaign aims to end violence against women and girls, through public education and culture change. On 25th November all males are being asked to swear that they will ‘NEVER COMMIT, CONDONE OR REMAIN SILENT ABOUT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN'. South Sydney HS will be holding a Father/significant male and Son BBQ breakfast from 7.30 – 8.30am on Tuesday 25th November to raise awareness. For catering purposes can you please R.S.V.P to Dave Haggart by Tuesday 18th November via e-mail ( or phone 9349 3868.... Read more

School uniform

Uniform Sale

South Sydney HS is in the process of changing uniform providers and Gosford Tailoring will be our supplier of uniforms in 2015. Our current supplier Fytex is having a sale on all current stock until the end of this year as follows; 1. Sales to year 7, 2015 students: 20% off the current prices; 2. Sales to existing students: 40% off the current prices and a further 10% off for any single purchase over $300.00. The uniform shop is opened on Tuesday and Friday from 8 – 10am. It will also be opened on Tuesday and Friday from 3.30pm – 5.30pm till... Read more

Playing chess

South Sydney's Club for Intelligent Minds 2014 Camp

South Sydney's Club for Intelligent Minds (SSCIM) offers students with aptitude in a wide range of areas a time and place to pursue their special passion. We meet every Monday at lunch in the Drama Room and participants receive mentorship for particular projects they may have an interest in and/or meet with peers who may have similar interests. Our first ever SSCIM Camp took place in the second week of term 4. Students from years 7 - 10 headed with Mr Malcolm Wagg and Ms Aine de Paor to the beautifully situated YHA premises in Pittwater to... Read more

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Students on their Duke of Edinburgh qualifying walk

Duke of Edinburgh students complete their final expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh participants from Year's 9 and 10 recently completed their final expedition for the Bronze Award. They completed a 20km hike over 2 days in the Blue Mountains. With high spirits and full backpacks, they left Glenbrook station in the rain on Friday morning. However, it wasn't long before the sun came out and the temperature heated up. It was a steep descent into Glenbrook valley, with both groups working well as a team to lug their backpacks over the rocky outcrops. With a gentle stroll along the river, there were a few... Read more

Australian Museum lesson

Science update: ESSA test for year 8 students Tuesday 11th November

The Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA) test for all Year 8 students will be held on Period 1 Tuesday 11th November this year at South Sydney High School. The test will take approximately 80minutes and is an interactive, multimedia test completed entirely on a computer. You can find more information on the ESSA test and download a parent information sheet here. Students will need to bring headphones or earbuds that plug into a school computer. In other news, year 10 Orange class recently visited the Australian Museum where they... Read more

2015 school leaders

Introducing our new school leaders!

We would like to congratulate our newly elected school leaders. These year 11 and year 10 students put together an application, participated in public speaking and interview workshops, had an interview, presented a speech to fellow students and teachers and have finally been elected by students and teachers to be our new student leaders. Congratulations! and we are sure you will be great role models and leaders for our school community. School Captains: Taylor Minslow and Anthony Leung Vice Captains: Harry Friedberg and Tiana Noy Year 11... Read more


Class of 2015 Parent Information Night

We would like to invite all year 11 parents to an information night on Tuesday 21st October 2014 from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. The night will include: A short presentation on "Essential information for a parent of a Year 12 student" starting at 6.00pm with parent handout. An opportunity in small groups to find out more about the particular subjects your child is studying for in the HSC presented by your child's teachers in classrooms. A chance to speak with your child's teacher. Light refreshments. R.S.V.P Tuesday 14th October 2014 Ph. 9349 3868... Read more

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Year 10 students

Year 10 Creative Arts Project

THE I-MANIFEST/CLEMENGER CREATIVE ARTS PROJECT During 3rd term the Yr 10 Digital Imaging and Music classes have been involved in a program initiated by I-Manifest which involved working on a specific brief and developing an association with the Clemenger BBDO advertising agency. All students completed work for the design brief then a core group was selected to participate in visits to the agency to pitch their work to industry professionals. The music students had their Tourism Australia ad soundtracks recorded at Nylon Studios and the... Read more

Yr 12 Graduation Assembly 2014

Congratulations year 12!

South Sydney High School would like to congratulate our year 12 students. A wonderful celebration/graduation ceremony was held on Thursday 18th September to congratulate, award and farewell our current year 12 cohort. We would like to acknowledge the year 12 students for the great contributions they have made to our school and wish them all the very best in their preparations for their upcoming HSC examinations and for their futures.... Read more

Managing depression in children

One in four kids over the age of 12 has significant depressive symptoms. For girls, depression generally appears between the ages of 11 through to about 14. For boys, depression generally appears between 12 and 16. Signs your child may be suffering from depression If you see a number of these problems starting to develop, it's time to ask the question, could this be a more significant emotional disturbance than general teenage moodiness or attitude? A persistently bad, often irritable mood withdrawal not experiencing pleasure not reacting to... Read more

Drama students and their teacher

Year 12 Drama Success

Our year 12 drama students received the wonderful news that three of our performances were nominated for possible inclusion in next February's ‘On Stage' showcase. This showcase which is presented at the Seymour Centre every year celebrates excellence at the highest level of achievement in HSC Drama in New South Wales. Year 12 drama & their teacher celebrated this wonderful news at ‘yum cha' in Maroubra on Tuesday 9 September. We certainly hope these talented students make it to the final selection.... Read more

Duke of Edinburgh students planning

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program Update

The Year 9 and 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh participants have been hard at work this week planning their walking route for their final expedition in October. The students have been brushing up on their map reading skills, having to create their own walking route notes to follow when they venture out by themselves on their Qualifying walk in October. We were also lucky enough to have a site visit from Effie Tsoukalas, Orica's Community Relation Officer, who came to see how Orica's funding has been helping our students in their preparation for... Read more

BEACON charter signing ceremony

BEACON Charter Signing Ceremony

On the 3rd of September year 9 and year 10 were gathered into our school hall to witness this memorable assembly where year 10 students signed the BEACON charter to signify their commitment to pusuing a positive pathway in education, training or employment post school. Special Guests included Mr Reg Richardson- well known and much loved Australian philanthropist, Mr Doug Taylor CEO of United Way Australia, and Mr Duncan Cordell who represented one of our most generous Business Partners- Genworth. The event surrounded personal life stories and... Read more

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Student performers at the Botany Showcase Event

Botany Showcase

South Sydney Creative Arts students participated in the annual Botany Showcase at the Souths' Juniors Auditorium on the 19th August. Anastassiya Sotnikova choreographed her interpretation of the Christina Aguilera hit song "Fighter" with the vocal quartet of Bronte Carpenter, Tiana Noy, Nancy Talakai and Tiulipe Taukeiaho providing the powerful vocals. Our fantastic volunteers also contributed to the success of the evening by their supporting role for this regional event.... Read more

Jayden Slater at the Speak Up Forum

'Speak Up' forum

The third annual Speak Up! forum, a public speaking forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 7 and 8, was held at NSW Parliament on the 21st July. Our two representatives Jayden Slater and Ryan Daniels from year 7 both did an excellent job of sharing their passion for sport and rugby league respectively. Both individuals also entered the impromptu speaking challenge and performed exceptionally. Congratulations to Ryan and Daniel who were excellent representatives for their school and their communities.... Read more

Students at the Australian Museum for Science in the City

Science in the City Excursion for Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week 2014, Year 9 Blue and Year 10 Blue visited the Australian Museum with Mr Wiseman, Ms Corlija and Mr Katz to attend the annual ‘Science Festival'. The students were entertained with an exciting talk from the eccentric, all knowledgeable Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Dr Karl spoke to the students about the exciting future of science and some amazing developments that have come about in recent years. Not a sound was heard from the audience as the students' eyes were glued to the screen and ears intently focused on the... Read more

Brat Camp theatre performance

Theatre enriching student's learning

The English department have joined with Drama this year to put a strong focus on theatre as a means of enriching student learning. They organised highly engaging performances for our students of ‘Macbeth' earlier this term. Another show that was organised for our senior students in Term 2 was ‘King Hit' by Zeal Theatre. The shows created by this company offer students high quality theatre and engaging story lines as a means of encouraging them to consider important societal issues. On 21 August students from years 7 – 9 gathered to enjoy the... Read more

Students and business partners

Year 10 Mock Interviews

On the 20th August in period 1 and 2 Year 10 were interviewed by a most impressive group of accomplished group of Business men and women from Prince of Wales Hospital, Genworth, Gaden's Law Firm, Maroubra Police Station, DB Schenker and Colliers. We set up our Hall into a simulated interview area and there the interviews took place. Our students excelled in the areas of handshakes, eye contact and personal presentation. They presented cover letters, and CV's as if they were actually applying for jobs in the real world. One student (Jack... Read more

HSC Showcase 2014 invite

HSC Creative and Performing Arts Showcase Night

We would like to invite you to come to the annual creative and performing arts HSC Showcase Night to be held on 26th August 2014. Details below!... Read more

Year 7 and 8 boys in the Mind Marathon Team

Mind Marathon

On Thursday 21 August, Mr David Tipple, year 8 Year Advisor and Industrial Arts teacher took South Sydney's first ever Stage 4 Mind Marathon team to East Hills Boys. These year 7 and 8 students were required to compete in a day of academic rigor involving challenges in English, History, Mathematics, Science and Engineering. Congratulations to the following students who were very worthy representatives of our school at this prestigious event: Angelo Estoque, Rahul Banga, James Grimshaw, Jaeyong Sim, Axel Cordova, Syahmi Mohd Nasir and... Read more

Students at the South Sydney Rabbitohs vs the Brisbane Bronco's game

Closing the Gap- Souths Cares Guard of Honour

On Thursday 14th August the Year 12 students in the Souths Cares School to Work Program were extremely lucky to be asked to represent our school by forming a Guard of Honour on ANZ Stadium for the Close the Gap round between South Sydney Rabbitohs and Brisbane Broncos. The students were transported to the ground and participated in a Cultural Music workshop before taking part in the Guard of Honour. They then watched the game in a private suite where Souths had a very exciting win. The students present have been outstanding representatives of... Read more

Bronte Carpenter at the Sydney Eisteddfod

Sydney Eisteddfod Music Performances

Two music students competed in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod recently, gaining experience in a highly competitive but musically challenging environment. Bronte Carpenter performed in the 17 years' Contemporary Vocal section with her interpretation of the classic song "Will you still love me Tomorrow?" and was able to command the stage with her fine vocal depth and control. Quynh-Anh Le is well known here at South Sydney for her outstanding vocal competence and ability to deliver performances that make singing appear effortless. Quynh-Anh... Read more

REELISE film competition awards

Vote for 'Stand Up' film in Focus on Ability film competition

Our budding filmmakers have been at it again! Year 11 student Anthony Leung has directed and made a great short film about a boy with dealing with his blindness and has entered it in 'Focus on Ability' Short Film Competition. This film competition is run by NOVA employment is aimed at raising awareness of the abilities of people with a disability. You can view the short film here. We invite our school community to get behind Anthony and the other students involved in this film by going to this website and clicking on the VOTE NOW button. ... Read more

Managing exam stress

As students prepare for end-of-year exams, child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien, from Sydney's Quirky Kid Clinic, has some good advice to help families manage pre-exam stress. "Stress isn't necessarily a bad thing – adrenalin can be useful in helping kids stay on track, study longer and finish tasks more quickly," Kimberley says. "The problems arise when it takes over and your teenager starts to feel overwhelmed and even isolated." In a perfect world, your teenager will have organised their study and revision into manageable chunks... Read more

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Boys at NRL Central

Invitation to Souths Cares Employment Program Launch

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of Souths Cares Indigenous Employment Program 'Ngalya Banga'. At this event you will hear more about the program and how it can benefit you. By registering your interest and attending you will be treated to light refreshments and a FREE ticket to the Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles game immediately afterwards at the SCG (Kick off is at 7.45pm). DATE: Friday 8th August, 2014 TIME: 4pm-7pm LOCATION: Learning with League Centre NRL Central Driver Ave. Moore Park, Sydney RSVP: to Kiara... Read more

Science Competition award winners

Science Competition Success!

Students from south Sydney High School participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) for SCIENCE. Many of the students who participated achieved excellent results. 2 Distinction awards, 17 Credit Awards and 6 Merit Awards were awarded to the students pictured below. Congratulations to all students who participated and thank you to the P&C for their support for this competition.... Read more

Students enjoying the hands on activities!

DB Shenker and Xerox visit

Broadening horizons for students at South Sydney High School. On Wednesday 23rdJuly, South Sydney High School had the privilege of working with two key large businesses with the aim of introducing our students to a variety of career prospects and getting our students to think about career paths they did not know were available to them. DB Schenker (the 2nd largest supply chain business in the world) and Fuji Xerox came to South Sydney High School and organised a simulated work place environment for Year 10 students. Time was spent on the... Read more

NAIDOC Celebration at SSHS

We will be celebrating NAIDOC on Friday morning July 25th from 11am during Periods 2 and 3 . There will be an assembly in the Hall followed by morning tea and cultural activities in the common room courtyard. In period 3 there will be an Aboriginal cultural education performance in the hall. Special guests will include the parents and families of our Aboriginal students, local elders, representatives of our Aboriginal support organisations, DEC officers and community members. Year 7 and 8 will be involved in this event along with our... Read more

Students and mentors at the I-Manifest project

Creative Pursuits at SSHS

South Sydney High became the creative hub of the east on Thursday the 17th July when our creative arts students took part of an innovative and exciting new arts education initiative. This creative program is run by Jo Pretyman and her team at I-manifest as part of the Beacon Foundation. Students where briefed, inspired and mentored by industry heavy weights from Clemenger BBDO advertisingcompany. Mentors from areas such as film, creative, Strategy, business, copy writing, Music and art direction spoke about how multi-disciplinary the creative... Read more

Building your child's reading skills

Here are some simple tips to encourage your child to become a strong reader and a book lover for the rest of their lives. Share a book at home Children love to hear a story read aloud. Try reading with different voices, lots of emotion, invented sound effects and funny faces. Change the tone in your voice and vary its loudness or softness. Have fun and enjoy it. It's a good idea to practise reading before sharing a book. Listen to your child talk about the story and the pictures. Try asking your child which parts of the books they found... Read more

Courtney playing Touch football

Courtney Shines at CHS Touch Championships

Courtney Shines at CHS Touch Championships A big congratulations to Courtney Young of Year 12 who recently competed at the 2014 NSW Combined High Schools Touch Championships held at Nelson Bay. For the third time, Courtney represented the Sydney East Region at the tournament and was a standout performer. Against some highly talented players Courtney's performances on the field impressed all of those around her, particularly the opposition coaches. While she only narrowly missed out on state selection, the CHS coach had great praise for the... Read more

Matthew Thistlethwaite MP and students after the Multicultural Flag day

Recognition in Parliament from our local member

The Member for Kingsford Smith Matthew Thistlethwaite spoke recently in the Federal Parliament about his great experience at the recent South Sydney High School Multicultural Flag day. Video of the speech... Read more

Multicultural flag ceremony

Multicultural flag day 2014

Our first Multicultural Flag Ceremony was held on Friday 20th June 2014. With special guests Mr Dean Kelly, who performed a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, Aunty Fay, our guest speaker Matthew Thistlethwaite MP and parents and other members of the community, we celebrated the cultural diversity of our school with a flag ceremony. Over 60 flags were carried by students representing those countries! Guest Speaker: Matthew Thistlethwaite MP with student flag carriers in traditional dress. Students and guests were treated to some... Read more

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Students at the Work Readiness Program


On June 12 2014, 25 students travelled from SSHS to Sydney University to participate in the Beacon Foundation's Work Readiness Program. They workshopped and practised skills that will get them ready for the work place and for any great life-prospect that comes their way. They learnt about life skills which included: how to talk to adults, effective communication skills, body language, eye contact, public speaking, listening skills, how to have a good handshake, and generally build their confidence,. This was then topped off with a work shop... Read more

Boys playing soccer

Changes to Sport in Term 3

Term 3 Sport Trial Information Recently the school has conducted a review of sport. Included in the review were items like organisation, duration, types of activities and student engagement. A key item that has emerged from this review is the duration of both Monday and Wednesday sport. The associated issues involved in the duration of sport included the over allocation of time to sport within the timetable, the amount of exposure to the sun during summer, and the time exposed to the cold during extreme weather days in winter. To address... Read more

Front of school

Parent Teacher Interview- Online Booking System

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews for Years 7 - 11 only will be held at 3.30pm – 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd July, 2014. You can now book interviews at times that suit YOUR FAMILY BEST. Click on the report night link: and follow the simple instructions. The school event code is B2L26. Look at this document for more detailed instructions- Parent Teacher night info (docx 106 KB).... Read more

Too sick to go to school?

Sometimes it's hard to know if your child is really coming down with something or just suffering a bout of Mondayitis. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. However, if they miraculously recover by 11:00am, ready to race around the backyard, keeping them in bed all day may send the message that staying home isn't nearly as much fun as going to school. The School A to Z website's Too Sick For School? chart will help answer your questions about common childhood illness... Read more

Students meet Lynx the echidna

Year 11 Biology Australian Biota Excursion

On the 16th of June, Year 11 Biology students enjoyed a hands-on experience of the theory they have been studying during a visit to the Australian Museum and Botanical Gardens. At the Botanical Gardens they looked at plant fossils and live specimens to gain an insight into the evolution of Australian flora. The Taronga Zoomobile provided the opportunity to meet Lynx the echidna, a carpet python, a shingleback lizard and an adorable ringtail possum. Students were able to observe some of the these animals unique adaptations. At the Australian... Read more

Students in the computer room

Reminder: Enrichment Stream 2015 applications close 27th June 2014

Has your application for the year 7 Enrichment Stream 2015 been lodged? Applications for South Sydney High School's Enrichment Class close on the 27th June 2014, which is the last day of Term 2. The placement is based on a range of evidence including school reports, NAPLAN results as well as evidence of participation in extracurricular activities. Please find further information in this Enrichment stream info (docx 277 KB) and on our website here.... Read more

An invitation to Flag Day at South Sydney High School- to celebrate our cultural diversity Friday 20th June 1115am

Invitation to our Multicultural Flag Ceremony

We would like to invite you to share our celebration of cultural diversity at South Sydney High School with a multicultural flag ceremony to be held on Friday 20th June 2014, 11.15am-12.30pm.... Read more

ORICA supports SSHS

Orica Supports Duke of Edinburgh Program

Orica is proudly supporting South Sydney High School's Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. They have provided $3,300 for the purchase of camping equipment, backpacks and tents for the benefit of students participating in the Programs hiking and camping events. We were one of three initiatives that Orica have sponsored through their 'Community Investment Program'. Orica has operations in 50 countries, and is the largest provider of commercial explosives and ground support to the mining industry, as well as manufacturer of general chemicals.... Read more

uni visit 1

Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander Visit to Sydney University

On Wednesday 28th May, 10 students from Year 7 and 8 attended University of Sydney as part of Naidoc week. They participated in two programs during the day such as Dentistry, Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Indigenous poetry, Indigenous singing and rock climbing. It was a fabulous way to experience what happens at University and to open the student's eyes to what opportunities are available to them after school. We would like to thank Souths Cares for providing the bus for us and Compass at Sydney University for the opportunity to... Read more

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Duke of Ed

Duke of Ed Training Expedition

10 students from Years 9 and 10 braved the great outdoors last weekend on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh training expedition. Hiking through the Royal National Park from Heathcote to Waterfall, backpacks laden with food and camping gear, the students successfully made it to their camping spot at Camp Coutts. They spent the evening setting up camp, making a camp fire, cooking gourmet camping meals and cooking marshmallows! After a chilly night camping, the students were up early to pack down their camp, load up their backpacks and continue... Read more

NRL Headquarters

Year 8 Visit NRL Central

20 students from Year 8 have had the privilege of participating in the NRL Values program for the past two weeks. The students spent four days at NRL Central at Moore Park participating in workshops that covered topics such as team work, inclusiveness, courage and personal excellence. The students all had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to meet past NRL players such as Mario Fenech, Josh Perry and Nathan Hindmarsh. A big thankyou to Ms Maynard for organising and accompanying the students on the excursion.... Read more

Enrichment Info

Enrichment Stream Information Session

South Sydney High School is holding an information session regarding the Enrichment Class for 2015 on June 4th 9.30-11am. This will be a great opportunity to meet the Principal, Robyn Matthews, who will discuss what this class has to offer students, how to apply and the selection process. You will also see some of our students in action. We look forward to meeting you.... Read more

Surviving the HSC

If your child is studying for the HSC, you're probably feeling the stress too. Many parents want to help but don't want to interfere. As well as pre-exam tension, there are other common factors that can make life seem even more challenging for the whole family. Year 12 is often the year when students: lose interest in school develop an intense relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend get their driver's licence experiment with legal or illegal drugs have a part-time job develop an eating disorder suffer from depression. If any of these... Read more


Gifted and Talented Conference

On 9th May, nine South Sydney High School students attended their first Gifted and Talented Conference organised by Academy Conferences. The purpose was to provide a venue that encouraged higher order critical and creative thinking in a setting similar to a University. The students were introduced to scientific explanations of the origins and changing definitions of the known universe, the role of justice as a foundation stone of human society and the intelligent use of emotions. Finally, the speakers presented a debate on the... Read more

Theatre sports

Senior Drama Theatre Sports Team

Congratulations to our year 12 Theatre Sports team who were excellent ambassadors for our school at Newington College on Monday 12 May. The team competed against students highly experienced in this style of performance from schools including St Aloysius' College, Fort Street High School and Meriden. Well done to Jessica Andrews, Lucas Christian, Eddie Toma, Akos Toth and Nick Rae who embraced every challenge offered on the night with enthusiasm and skill. They were well trained by Mr Alex Rowe who has been working in the drama department... Read more

Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies Program a Success

Congratulations to the year 11 Engineering Studies students who successfully completed the Engineering Students @ Work Program. The program was heavily funded by the Parents and Carers Committee making it feasible for 7 of our best Engineering Students to participate. Students worked at the main offices of Norman Disney Young in North Sydney where they were mentored by consultant engineers and specialists in a variety of engineering disciplines. Students had one week to develop a concept and design for the building of a football stadium At... Read more


Zone and District Sport Websites

Your school sporting zone/district now has 2 websites where you can access information about your local zone/district school sporting activities. Click either of the links for more information. Website: Eastern Suburbs SSSA Zone Facebook page: Sydney East School Sport... Read more

Zoo 1

Year 7 Taronga Zoo Visit

Our year 7 students had an enjoyable trip to Taronga Zoo to complement the current 'Classification' topic in Science. The students were able to encounter a number of animals in a hands-on classification lesson lead by one of Taronga's keepers. More photos from this Taronga Zoo excursion can be seen here... Read more

Social media, kids and privacy

Regardless of your child's age, the world may already know a lot more about them than you suspect. According to recent research: 92% of children under the age of two have a digital presence (it starts with proud parents posting newborn baby photos on Facebook or Instagram) a quarter of Australian children aged between eight and 12 use Facebook, despite the minimum age for a user being 13 more than 20 per cent of tweens publish photos of themselves on the photo-sharing website Instagram young people between the ages of 14 and 19 have an... Read more

What parents need to know about Kik

It seems that every few months a new social media platform or mobile app emerges and becomes popular with young people in our school community. Suddenly "everyone" is on it, according to our children. It's hard for most adults to keep up. Many parents will have recently heard about Kik Messenger and are wondering if it's safe for children. Here are some facts from the School A to Z website's technology guide: What is Kik Messenger? Kik Messenger is a free texting app available on iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch, Android, Windows, Samsung Galaxy and... Read more

Breakfast club 1

South Sydney Breakfast Club

The South Sydney High School breakfast club is enjoying its second year of success. Breakfast club is held every Tuesday morning in the school's common room from 8:00am until 8:45am. Breakfast is free and is available to all SSHS students. More photos can be seen at the link below Breakfast club photos... Read more

CY Logo

CY: Christianity Explored Program

What's this life all about? Can I find real hope and meaning? Is there more to life than the everyday? If you're interested in exploring the answers to these and other big questions, the brand new course CY is for you! With videos, discussions and short talks CY is highly interactive. CY is all about seeing why the person of Jesus Christ can make a real difference to your life, and how the Bible teaches this. A local youth pastor, Dave Doran [pictured], will be running this course throughout Term 2. Dave is from Wild Street Anglican Church,... Read more

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Year 12 Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-teacher interviews for YEAR 12 ONLY be held at 3:30pm - 7:30pm on Tuesday 13th May, 2014. You can now book interviews online, at times that best suit your family. Click on the following link for information on how to book your interviews. Y12 Interview Instructions (pdf 56 KB) Bookings close Monday 12th May at 3:15pm... Read more

Chess competition

Interschool Chess Competition

On Wednesday the 9th of April some year 8 students (Jefferson Liuaw, Syhami Nasir, Jaeyong Sim and I) participated in the interschool chess competition held at JJ Cahil. I was glad to see that many schools had participated; there were a wide range of students from all year groups. We got to compete against different people in the 7 'Swiss' round. Some games were won and others were lost. I think we all learned a lot from this experience and I know we all had a fun day. Congratulations to Syhami Nasir for coming 5th in the individual section,... Read more

The benefits of team sports

Winter sports are getting underway and many parents will soon be getting out of bed early on cold weekend mornings to transport their children to sports fields across town. The good news is that even if your child's team never scores goal, they're benefitting significantly from simply being active and involved. The long list of benefits for your child includes the development of: cooperation and teamwork skills leadership skills respect for teammates, opponents and officials a sense of belonging and team membership social interaction skills... Read more

Gala Day Training

Year 7 Sport Gala Day

Year 11 students have spent the first term coaching year 7 students in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, Oztag, and netball. More photos here This was in preparation for the Eastern Suburbs Gala Day which was held on Tuesday 1 st April. The year 11 students did a fantastic job of mentoring and preparing the younger students for the competition day. The day itself was a huge success for all involved. All the teams had an enjoyable experience, with many of the teams progressing to the grand finals. The girls Oztag team were... Read more

Touch football students

Touch Football competition success!

Open Girls Touch Win Their First Game! The Open Girls Touch Football team have scraped through their first game of this year's knockout tournament. After a forfeit in round 1, Randwick Girls HS were to be the opponents for round 2. In a tough fought match, played in difficult conditions, the girls managed to hold on for a 3 to 2 win over an improved Randwick team. With so many new players joining the team this year, a win was a great way to start the season. Hopefully with more training the team can improve get another win in the next... Read more

Successful Volunteers

SSHS Volunteers Celebration Assembly

On the 25th of March we honoured our volunteers with a celebration assembly. We thanked them for the kind efforts they had completed during the past 12 months. To date the Volunteers at South Sydney High School have completed over 3700 hours of volunteering. We are certainly a school community that care about others. Awards from the Department of Education and from our school were given out, music was played and there was great appreciation shown towards our wonderful Volunteers. All those in years 9 and 10, interested in this program... Read more

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Students and staff at Genworth

Year 11 students speak about BEACON

On Tuesday the 18th March two of our Year 11 students, Nancy Muir and Brian Wu, were invited to speak at one of the largest finance companies in NSW: Genworth in North Sydney. They addressed a room of about 80 professional people who worked for the company and let them know how meaningful it was for them to have been involved in the Beacon program the previous year. They spoke with great confidence and honesty and were applauded by the professionals that were there. Watching on I was humbled by the growth that I saw in these two students and... Read more

The students with their REELise award

Year 11 students REELise their potential

Huge congratulations to our talented year 11 film makers: Savas Aragon, Anthony Leung, Morgan Findley, Takuto Arakuwa, Jonah Diano and Alex Markovic whose film ‘Hold On', swept the awards at the inaugural Reelise Film Festival on Sunday 23 March, 2014. Of the four awards on offer our South Sydney film makers were awarded the top honours in ‘People's Choice' as well as the prestigious ‘Spirit of Reelise' category. These talented students were proudly supported by a strong contingent of parents, staff and peers who cheered loudly both during... Read more

Students at the ArtExpress exhibition

Excursion to ArtExpress

Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts students enjoyed a day of art immersion Friday 22/3/14 when they visited the Art Gallery of NSW. The recently opened Artexpress exhibition provided an insight into the many concepts, mediums and techniques used in the creation of the HSC Body of Work. The standard of student work was impressive and our visiting students from Italy and Germany were amazed. The students also explored the Contemporary, Australian, Asian and Still Life exhibitions. Artexpress continues at the AGNSW until the 11th May 2014. Images and... Read more

Students at JP Morgan

Economics students visit JP Morgan

On Friday 14 March, Ms Matthews and Ms McNeil accompanied a group of 22 enthusiastic Year 11 Economics and Business Studies students to visit the city office of JP Morgan, a global financial services firm. The students were treated to a presentation by directors of trading and were taken to the trading floor. It was quite an eye opener witnessing the intensity of operations and being introduced to a world where employees are required to begin their working day at 4:30am. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions and were... Read more

Meeting your child’s teacher

Meeting teachers to discuss your child's progress or behaviour can be daunting, but there's no need to feel anxious. Remember, you and the school are partners in your child's learning. Whether it's regular parent -teacher interviews or a one-off request for a chat, these useful tips will help you get the most out of your meeting. Do your homework Take a few minutes before your meeting to jot down any questions or comments you have. Go with the right attitude Try to approach the interview with a positive and relaxed attitude. Don't be afraid to... Read more

Year 11 students finalists of the REELise film making competition

We are very proud to announce that a talented group of year 11 students have been shortlisted as finalists for the REELise Film Competition. The students- Anthony Leung, Savas Aragon, Aleksander Markovic, Takuto Arakawa, Morgan Findley and Jonah Diano were all involved in making a short film addressing "unspoken feelings" in relation to bullying. Savas has been interviewed and appears in the recent Sydney morning herald article -March 16th 2014. The REELise Film Festival will be held on Sunday 23rd March 1014 from 4.30-9pm at Blue Giant Park... Read more

Students using laptops in class

Bring Your Own Device @ South Sydney High School

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. This model has now been introduced to South Sydney High School. A personally owned device is any technology device brought into the school and owned by a student (or the student's family), staff or guest. Put simply, BYOD is a solution where students quite literally bring their own device to school in order to access the internet and/or school network by 3G or Wi-Fi, be it a tablet, laptop or other... Read more

The mural created by ex students Lewis Pilgram and Hugo Takasai-Simpson

Talented ex students come back to paint a mural at SSHS

Two of our talented ex-students from the Class of 2010, Lewis Pilgrim and Hugo Takasai-Simpson, were recently employed to design and create a piece for the dreary brick wall facing the kitchens. With the assistance and input of an enthusiastic group of Year 11 and 9 students, and feedback from passing hordes, the street artists have presented us with a creative, contemporary space that is representative of the new energy of the school. Lewis' Body of Work for the HSC 2010 was selected for 3 of the Artexpress exhibitions across NSW. He gained... Read more

The most important skill to teach your child

One common trait all successful adults have is resilience. The ability to bounce back from disappointment is something we have the opportunity to teach our children every day. As our kids constantly remind us, life isn't always fair. Is it a parent's role to constantly try to make life fair? How do we balance the desire to shelter and protect our children with the need to teach them how to cope with life's disappointments? The School A to Z website asked top teachers all over NSW for their tips for parents on developing resilience so children... Read more

Rebecca with her award

Student success- Winner of Lions Youth of the Year Quest

Congratulations to Rebecca Milne-Muller, winner of the Maroubra Lions Youth of the Year Quest. The competition is a prestigious event with many high profile previous national winners such as Kevin Rudd and Peter Beattie. Contestants participate in a formal interview process lasting 45 minutes and a public speaking evening where they are judged on a variety of criteria including leadership skills, sporting and academic achievements and involvement with the local community. Rebecca saw off tough competition from Marcellin College, North Sydney... Read more

Students working in a computer room

SSHS Enrichment Program

South Sydney High School is offering an enrichment stream in 2015 for year 7. The Enrichment Stream specifically caters for students who are highly motivated and keen to learn. They are often described as 'all-rounders'. The Enrichment class is selected by the school after all applications are reviewed by a selection panel. The placement is based on a range of evidence, including academic reports, as well as evidence of participation in extracurricular activities. The Application Process: 1. Download the Enrichment application form (pdf 70... Read more

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Souths Cares Graduation Cruise

South Cares Nanga Mai Marri Graduation

The Souths Cares Graduation was held on Tuesday, 11th February. Ms Matthews and Ms Wilson had the privilege of accompanying our Year 12 students and year 11 students, currently participating in the program, on the Souths Cares Graduation Cruise. This was to celebrate the successful HSC and employment achievements of the students from the Indigenous School to Work Transition Program from 2011 – 2013. We boarded the cruise at Circular Quay with our 8 current Year 12 students and one Year 11 student and were given a cultural commentary as well... Read more

World Challenge students

SSHS students take on a World Challenge

You wouldn't exactly call it your average holiday. Helping to build a school and teaching English in a remote village in Cambodia; visiting the Killing Fields; trekking the Burmese/Thai border; climbing mountains; rafting the rivers, riding elephants and ox carts, relaxing in Chiang Mai and spending 28 days in 2 countries very different to ours. This is the adventure faced by the 14 intrepid Year 10 and 12 students who travelled to Cambodia and Thailand as part of the World Challenge program over the Christmas holidays. The students had a... Read more

Help with your child's homework in one click

The School A to Z app has been created by the NSW Department of Education to help parents and their school-aged children, wherever and whenever they have homework and study questions. It's available free for Android and Apple mobile devices, and is an essential tool containing: English A to Z - more than 350 definitions of commonly used English terms from primary and high school. Each word has an easy-to-understand definition based on the current school curriculum, with illustrations and help sheets explaining the rules of grammar. Maths A to... Read more

Beacon Ambassadors for 2104

Beacon news

South Sydney High School would like to welcome our new Beacon Ambassadors for 2014! These students have committed to working hard and supporting our Beacon program to the best of their ability. These students are: Randhem Alquizar, Brendan Scaar, John Hemans, Miguel Calli Trejo, Sash Bronfentrinker, Anastasia Sotnikova, Kylie Wessels, and Brooke Davis. The Beacon program at SSHS School prides itself in giving year 10 students the opportunity to make better decisions that will positively affect their future. Just one of the opportunities given... Read more

At the swimming carnvial

Swimming Carnival 2014

South Sydney High School swimming carnival will be held on Thursday 13th February. The details are: Time: 9am-2.30pm Venue: Botany Aquatic Centre, Jasmine Street, Botany Itinerary: Arrive for Roll call at 9am. At the pool until 2-2.30pm. Students will be dismissed from the venue Cost: $4.00 pool entry- paid at the venue to teachers collecting money. Travel: Students are to make their own way to and from the venue. Uniform: Students are to attend in House colours. Dutton: Blue, Northcott: Yellow, Lawson: Green, Banks: Red. Students are... Read more

Planning for success in 2014

Each year in high school brings new academic and personal challenges for parents and their teens. The School A to Z website has created a year-by-year guideto help you navigate the challenges and decisions your child will face as they commence Years 7,8,9,10,11 and 12. For example, if your child is commencing Year 8 or 10, they'll need to start thinking now about the electives they want to choose later in the year. All students can use a helping hand learning organisational and planning skills, regardless of whether they're settling into Year... Read more


School Photos 2014

School Photo day will be Friday 21st February. The alternative date for absent students will be the following Thursday, 27th February. Students will be receiving personalised envelopes this year. Students must bring their envelopes on Photo day but should record the purchase code on the envelope for future ordering. Parents may order and pay for photos online with MSP using the unique code on the envelope up to the 28th February 2014. If paying by cash the exact amount must be placed in the envelope and given directly to the photographer on... Read more

The Big Picture Project- a presentation

Big Picture Project 2013

The Big Picture Project was a pilot program targeting gifted and talented students in year 10 during 2013. The students undertook project based learning in Terms 3 and 4. Students were required to plan an investigative study on a topic of their choice based on their own specific interests and passions. In Term 4 they presented their work to parents, staff and the school community. It was a great night where all who attended were able to learn about all sorts of things, from 'The Bermuda Triangle', to 'Scary movies', to 'Body image and... Read more

School bag app logo

You can download the SSHS school app now!!

Our School now has our own South Sydney High School iPhone and Android App to help us communicate more effectively with our community. We would like to invite parents and students to install our South Sydney High School App. To install it, just search for our school name "South Sydney High School" in either the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. It is a 'Skoolbag app'. The App will be updated on a regular basis and important information and news will be regularly sent out. You can even access the fortnightly newsletter on the app! It's... Read more