Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D)

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Bring Your Own Device at SSHS

South Sydney High School (in conjunction with ASI) has launched a portal that will allow parents/caregivers to search for and purchase devices which are compatible with the school's wireless network.


You do not have to buy a device from the ASI portal; it is simply offered as a service to any families who wish to make use of it. (Details as to how to access the ASI portal can be found below.)


Students in all years may bring their own device to school for study purposes.


Device specifications and terms of use are specified in the following B.Y.O.D policy:


B.Y.O.D Policy (pdf 144 KB)

BYOD Policy


Access to the ASI Portal

Lenovo tablets and desktops, as well as Apple MacBooks from ASI are compatibility with the school's network. If you wish to browse and/or purchase devices from this site you will need to first register:

  • Go to
  • Click on Register
  • Enter your details
  • Use the registration code bRGYgdBX   (Note: This code is case sensitive)


Please Note

Before accessing the DEC network, students and parents/caregivers must read and sign the documents contained in the B.Y.O.D Policy  (including the 'Acceptable Usage Agreement for School Students' and the 'BYOD User Charter').


These documents are then given to the Deputy Principal Ms C. Walton.