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Our Facilities

South Sydney High School has recently been refurbished, providing a modern, sleek look to our Administration building and surrounding hallways. We are also improving our surrounding garden areas. 


Our school is very well resourced with excellent facilities for students including:

  • a Canteen
  • a Dark Room
  • Drama space
  • 5 Computer Rooms
  • a Gymnasium (with electronic scoreboard)
  • a large, well resourced library (with computer network and internet access)
  • a Netball court
  • Industrial Technology workshops (wood and metal)
  • an Oval
  • a School Hall (with audio and visual system)
  • 6 fully equiped Science Labs
  • Smart Boards in several class rooms 
  • a Student Learning Centre
  • 2 outdoor Basketball Courts
  • a VET Business Services Office
  • a VET Hospitality Commercial Kitchen
  • 4 Volleyball Courts
  • access to numerous sporting fields and recreational facilities within the community


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