shorts or pants for boys

Boys Shorts or Pants

winter clothes
  Winter Uniform Options

senior uniform
Senior School Uniform

school tracksuit

School Tracksuit

Junior sports 2

Sports Uniform

Junior uniform
Junior School Uniform


Baseball cap
Baseball Cap

School Tie

School Tie


The Correct Uniform

Students are required to be in full school uniform each day. If they are unable to wear full sports uniform on Wednesdays, they should wear their full normal school uniform and bring their sports uniform to change into.


If students don't have the correct uniform for a valid reason, they must bring a note from home to their year's designated faculty before school.


Click the link below to see our clothing range and prices:


Uniform List with Photos and Prices (pdf 1006 KB)

Uniform List with Photos and Prices


The school uniform shop is open during term time:

  • Tuesdays 8am to 10am
  • Fridays 8am to 10am


To pre-order uniforms please send an email to pbregoni@bigpond.net.au  (payable on collection).