Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Duke of Edinburgh     Duke of Edinburgh Award


What is it all About? 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award   is a world-wide scheme offering young people challenges on several fronts; outdoor adventure, community service, physical recreation and skill development.


The Award is a non-competitive program that empowers young people and provides opportunity for students to acquire and develop skills, initiative and self-esteem, helping them to become more confident members of the community.


Participation in the award is highly regarded by many employers and organisations.


Participants, in conjunction with adult helpers, devise an individual program of activities which is flexible enough to satisfy their enthusiasm and meet their aptitudes, capabilities and available resources.


You can move through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.


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Every Award is different, and what you choose to undertake is entirely up to you!

You get to base YOUR Award around YOUR passions and YOUR ambitions. 


So How Do You Get Started? 

South Sydney High School is excited to announce that we are providing Year 9, 10 and 11 students with the opportunity to participate in this enriching program. 


There will be announcements during year meetings, assemblies and at a parent/caregiver information evening held in Term 4.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award program at SSHS is proudly supported by ORICA and the school P&C.

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