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Reports in the Media About SSHS

Click on the following to see what the media has reported about South Sydney High School:


  • Two Successful Students

An article about two successful students (one of which is Jacqueline Loh from SSHS) who have joined a new creative apprenticeship program: First Interns to Start at Clems Sydney's "The Forge" Programme  (Dated 2/2/17)

Two Successful Students


  • High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition  

Article about the Australian Mathematics Competition highlighting Year 7 Matthew Wong's achievement of a high distinction award in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition: Student Achieves Maths Distinction (Dated 22/11/16)

High Distinction


  • Outstanding Supervising Teachers

Article about awards for Outstanding Supervising Teachers (three of which were SSHS teachers) from the UNSW School of Education: School of Education's Award Evening (Dated 9/3/16)   

Outstanding Supervising Teachers


  • Gifted Children

Article about the enrichment program offered at SSHS: Parents of Gifted Children Turning to Progressive Public School Program (Dated 22/2/16)

Gifted Children


  • 2015 World Challenge Trip

Article about the World Challenge Trip 2015 to Cambodia: On Mission to Help Cambodian Youth (Dated 2/2/16)

World Challenge Trip 2015


  • Film Success Story

16-year-old South Sydney High student Savas Aragon makes a film about bullying on his phone called Hold On, which screened at the REELise film festival in Rose Bay: Finalist in the REELise Film Competition About Anti-Bullying (Dated 16/3/14)

Film Success Story